Young entrepreneur Rakesh Prajapat is building his amazing e-commerce businesses. – The UBJ – United Business Journal

At 26, he has been hugely successful as 50 lakh customers are already buying from his e-commerce companies.

Having a vision to do something huge in your career and achieve a specific goal is one thing, but choosing to work every day, face challenges head-on, make bold decisions and keep walking on. his path with constant efforts to turn those visions into a reality is quite another thing. To fall into the latter category, individuals must give their all and work with 100% commitment to achieve their goals or even go above and beyond to set higher standards for all others vying to make their mark in entrepreneurship. as young talents. Doing this and more as a passionate being and young talent from India is Rakesh Prajapat, the man who today has gained incredible recognition for his work in the online business space.

Rakesh Prajapat is gradually heading to the top, all on his own, building his promising new e-commerce startups in India. He knew where he was headed, and even after being aware of the tough competition and saturation he might face in his career, he still dove deep into the e-commerce space and, in a short time, he was already creating great success and sales for his e-commerce businesses at the age of 26. Being so young and still leading the way to success is not something that everyone can achieve, but people like Rakesh Prajapat stand tall and unique from others for several reasons.

He says he is proud to launch websites like and, both of which are doing extremely well in the niche which is now used by more than 50 lakh customers. Such is the growth and success that these sites have created, thanks to the relentless hard work and passion of Rakesh Prajapat, who has put in day and night to make his ventures extremely successful. ( is a bespoke platform in India offering customers an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience with safe and sound payment and logistics support. The site offers smartwatches, audio devices, and fitness bands with great deals and discounts. On the other hand, ( is another e-commerce website offering online electronics shopping in India on EMI.