Young entrepreneur makes it easier for ‘Busy Bakers’ in the kitchen

Students start summer business ventures with help from the business center

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This isn’t your typical lemonade stand.

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Nine young entrepreneurs have launched their summer businesses, ranging from lawn care services to custom clothing, textured art, crystals and baking kits.

Several of these new business owners took advantage of selling their wares at a one-day pop-up shop at Northgate Shopping Center on Friday.

Vanessa Beaudry, owner and operator of Busy Baker, said she came up with the idea for baking kits to help those who are busy but want the satisfying taste of enjoying homemade desserts.

“There’s a need for it in the market,” she told Northgate on Friday.

“Companies like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron don’t really provide dessert kits, so I found that if I provided them, it would be easier for families to enjoy great desserts for everyday enjoyment and special celebrations like birthdays.”

Prices range from $17 to $20 per kit and they include all the dry ingredients to make desserts like Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies, Double Chocolate Cookies, Biscuits white chocolate filled cookies, salted caramel cookies and “I have more cookies which are one of my favorites.”

Vanessa, a grade 11 student at West Ferris High School, also sells cookies and ingredients for cream and strawberry and chocolate cupcakes, as well as chocolate chip and rainbow cookies.

“For example, if you buy the box of rainbow cookies, all you need to add is an egg and half a cup of butter,” Vanessa said, adding that all the ingredients are pre-measured and sealed. for more freshness.

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“Cut the wrappers, mix them up and cook them. Most cookies take less than 30 minutes and cupcakes take a little longer.

When asked about the taste, her eyes lit up and she smiled.

“A lot of these recipes are some of my favorites and I added my own twist to them. I love them so much.”

Vanessa has an online store and sells all of her kits on various social media platforms.

“I love business. That’s why I want to go to school. I would really like to be a business owner for the rest of my life.

The Busy Baker can be found on Instagram at @busybakerbusiness or TikTok at @busybakerbusiness.

Tristan Koch, owner and operator of Lawn Mowles Property Maintenance, said he wanted to make money, but not at the expense of the environment.

The young business owner uses all electric machines to mow and maintain lawns. He also cycles from job to job, which reduces his carbon footprint.

“I want to make sure we’re saving the environment,” Tristan said. “I try to coordinate it so I’m in a specific neighborhood in one day so I don’t have to cycle across town.”

Tristan said his business idea started after his neighbor, who broke his leg, approached him and asked him to cut his grass.

“All of a sudden, I started to take an interest in the neighborhood. So it took off from there.

The teenager says he has six clients a week and several part-time jobs.

To help them get started, the Business Center Nipissing Parry Sound provided up to $3,000 in provincial funding to nine young entrepreneurs.

The summer program is aimed at students aged 15 to 29.

Training and mentorship are mandatory in the program, as students learn first-hand from experts in the business ecosystem.