We need entrepreneur-friendly policies—Daniel Adewoye Olamide

Former Mister Universe 2018, Daniel Adewoye Olamide, is a filmmaker, creative designer, content developer, journalist and among other entertainment engagements. He is also the Global Media Manager for Gtext Homes, a leading property company in Nigeria. In this interview, he talks about his career in the industry. Among other questions, he talks about his plans for the future, and more.

How did you start making films as a journalist?

Well, I didn’t start filmmaking or journalism at first, although I had started to develop my skills. I joined the creative industry as a model and won Mr Universe Africa, then moved into acting full time. It started with always wanting to put ideas and scenarios in motion in my head, bring them to life and be behind the camera.

What prompted you to get into film and how did it all start?

Only in the film industry can you be God and create your scenarios and results. Basically, to be the author and finisher of the actor’s destiny. I like to create my worlds and scenarios that probably won’t be something you will see in real life at the same time, it allows you to create awareness on important topics and topics.

Did you actually learn it somewhere or how did you start?

No, I didn’t train with anyone as a filmmaker. I am a self-taught filmmaker. Most of my learning resources came from the internet and I also took a course or two in Nigeria and abroad to back up my knowledge and skills.

What is your goal in the film industry?

I want a name in the hall of fame, but above all I want to have an impact with my work, to influence and change lives positively.

In addition to being the Global Head of Media at GText Homes yourself, you are also a filmmaker, content developer and graphic designer. How do you manage all of this at the same time?

Everything flows together, that’s what makes you a manager or a supervisor; get a feel for all of these things and how they blend into one and work together.

You have continued to stay relevant in GText Homes. What does it take to achieve this?

Honestly, value and dedication equal relevance; so, I think that answers.

What platform do you sell on?

By sale, I assume you mean promotion. My Instagram page contains some of my works. My website will be up soon with all my work there.

What are your hobbies?

I don’t have many friends who really hang around me physically. Most of them are creatives and content creators so they mostly work too. I watch a lot of movies, then music too. I have a really good set of playlists for different moods. So yeah, I don’t do much, to be honest.

Will you say that since you started making films, it has given you a certain financial independence?

Well yes it is, but in Nigeria you are not rewarded as much as the skills you have.

Like in a month when business is good, how much do you earn?

It really depends on your clientele and the type of project you do, it’s relative.

Where do you hope to take this cinematic adventure?

The plan is to pass on what I know to future creatives. I hadn’t started everything. I did not have access to the main information at startup. So, I intend to make it easier for those who are just starting out and trying to learn filmmaking on their own.

What is your plan to develop the brand?

Well, I hope to work with more big brands and create my own ideas and thoughts.

Like how many people do you work for you?

I have a whole team of skilled photographers and cinematographers, they really are partners because we mainly collaborate to create. There is no boss or employee in the creative field, in my opinion.

How many films have you produced so far?

Technically none, but I’ve been on major TV shows and commercials. One of them is The Investment chat in a Rolls Royce, I worked there as co-producer and editor, and others will be coming out soon as well.

What project are you currently working on?

I have a story or should I say a short film that I wrote and am working on with my team. Production should start soon, ceteris paribus.

What would you describe as the best aspect of your career?

The fact that you can put your own imagination in writing and then on screen and people can see and feel your work, sometimes even have a different vision and spinoff from what you’ve created.

Would you say you have reached a certain level of perfection now?

To be honest, I’m better than yesterday. With movies you can’t always be perfect, but you can be the best at what you do, there are new things to learn every day.

Daniel Adewoye Olamide Mr. Universe 2018

Who is/are your role model(s) in the film and entertainment industry and why?

I have no model, I have leaders; people who set the tone in terms of creative prowess and thinking ability, as well as delivery.

What brands have you worked on?

I have worked with BBnaija Housemates, Koko by Khloe, Whitemoney, Tega, Jackie B to name a few. I managed some of their brand ambassador ads. I did the campaign video for Kennyblaq’s UK tour, Detalker’s UK tour as well as Seyi Law’s recently. I fought in UK Tour, Telesoftas, a Lithuanian technology company. I also did something for Cantu and Dunnie.

I have also worked with Kanayo O Kanayo, Korede Bello, Cosmas Maduka, MD of Coscharis, Aare Dele Momodu, Dr Stephen Akintayo and Taylor Live, Sanni Danja and Mr Macaroni magazines. My job has really put me in places with a lot of well-known personalities. These are the few that I really remember.

You directed the commercial “Sacrifice” which was fashionable, what was it like working with Kanayo O Kanayo?

Well, this was one of those projects that really tested how far I can scale and deliver on short notice. It was only after filming that I realized what I had just done. I just did a commercial and it was a veteran I had on set. He was skeptical when he found out I was the director, but in the end he wasn’t disappointed I guess.

You have been a filmmaker for years now. How far would you say the Nigerian film industry has gone?

There has been a major improvement even though Nollywood has shitty movies and movies that will make you vomit lol but most importantly we are improving and we have directors changing the narrative.

How much do you think the film industry has contributed to Nigeria’s economic growth?

I would say he has contributed more to Nigeria socially than he has financially given that piracy is still prevalent in Nigeria.

Daniel Adewoye OlamideDirector

Do you agree that the government does not patronize the film industry?

Well they don’t because people in the government don’t care about your film it takes creative and innovative leaders to know the importance of the film industry our leaders are not informed even the minister of the information is not so, according to the news.

What do you think the government can do to promote entrepreneurship?

They need to give space and create more programs that allow entrepreneurs to have access to platforms that support what they do and collaborate with industries outside of Nigeria that can help entrepreneurs and their establishment and at the same time develop contractor-friendly policies, then you don’t get frustrated as well.

What is your advice to upcoming filmmakers as well as those with acting potential or intentions?

Don’t think about money first, think about how much knowledge you can acquire. Filmmaking is a simple business, you charge for what you can deliver because you can’t cut corners; it will still appear in your delivery. If you’re also an actor, you need to work on your performance and be better at it, especially in expressing emotions. You also have to be versatile. The internet has made it easy to be discoverable, just be smart and don’t be desperate.

In simpler terms, gain knowledge, build relationships and don’t chase the money