Three things you can learn from DJ and entrepreneur Iman Tucker

Iman Tucker is a famous Indianapolis-based DJ and entrepreneur. His accomplishments and his determination towards his work inspire the younger generation of his age to fight for their dreams.

Iman Tucker

He was born on January 24, 1994 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, but moved to Seymour, Indiana at an early age where he completed high school. He was always a hardworking and ambitious child and never gave up on anything. The beginning of Iman’s life was not at all easy. He was diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer, Burkitt’s Lymphoma, but life gave him a second chance and he decided never to look back.

He was an inspiration to many young designers and worked hard to make a difference and leave an impact on people’s lives. Iman Tucker is not only a music star, but also a successful entrepreneur. He successfully developed a tech company named CardBoard and his own retail and entertainment company called Believe Brand Co. His brand reached a wider audience when his shirt design, “Love Everybody”, went viral and caught on. been worn by many famous athletes on game day. The t-shirt has a quote, “Love Everybody”, which takes the brand to a new level of visibility and success.

His life has taken him in many directions, and three crucial things can be learned from DJ and entrepreneur Iman Tucker.

Hard work and consistency can pay off.

We often give up our lives for minor inconveniences or for safety. However, Iman Tucker has always stayed true to her life’s callings. Having survived a rare cancer, he walks knowing that courage and strength are needed to succeed in a difficult world. When he survived his cancer, he came back stronger and moved towards his goals and his passion with more vitality. Life tested him during his teenage years, but Tucker challenged life by living it to the fullest after this incident. His music career started in 2016 when he expressed his passion and love for music, and the rest is history. He says it wasn’t exceptional talent or understanding that got him where he is. It’s simply hard work and consistency over years of belief.

Iman Tucker is now a trending sensation on Spotify and has not only got her town’s love in Indianapolis but all over the world. He has curated DJ mixes that have been listed in the top 100. Additionally, some of his singles have been on the hit list of many playlists in the United States and around the world.

Don’t run away from your passions

The love and passion you have for something should never be shunned for the sake of the world. Iman Tucker always followed his passion, that’s why he made his dreams come true. When Tucker was in school, he knew his best chance for an education was to get a scholarship. He did just that and attended Indianapolis University where he made a name for himself. When he realized his love for music, he worked hard and earned his place as the most successful DJ at a very young age.

But the question is, when did he realize he would be a musician? He went to a party in 2016. To feel worthy, he chose to play music, and that’s when Tucker realized he wasn’t going to ignore his passion for the music. Organizing the music and the energy of the space was important, but he knew there had to be more to the art. Fortunately, a strong mentorship helped him hone his DJ skills. Later, he shared the stage with many great musicians in the Christian music industry like Andy Mineo, Cory Asbury, KB and Steven Malcolm. It was a compilation of moments that confirmed that he had found his passion.

Hone your skills until you become a professional

Iman Tucker is both a musician and an entrepreneur, but isn’t it strange that a musician becomes a successful entrepreneur? Tucker has developed two brands. One is called Cardboard, an online technology whiteboard platform, and the other is Believe Brand Co, one of the most successful companies that, for its audience, exists to show what you believe in.

He was not always capable of what he is today. Over the years, he honed his skills as a musician and business owner and took responsibility for the success of his businesses. Tucker was improving his business management skills and also helping others scale their businesses to gain more experience and build his track record. His skills and determination to learn new skills made him better. Fans can find his unique tracks on most music streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. He said in a conversation that he was always eager to learn and wanted to impact the lives of others. And Iman Tucker continually strives to inspire people, whether through her music video, her song or her lyrics.