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Nestled in the center of Bihar is Purnia, where the concept of start-ups is not the most important. But that does not stop those who have a center of ardor and an unshakable nerve. Akshay Kumar, the founding father of TheBlackLover, is the person who possesses each of these qualities and has defied all the odds to make a name for himself in an industry that is continually inhabited by celebrities or type icons.

But, as they say, if you dream of a giant in life, you must fight to the fullest of your ability to live it!

It’s the adventure of one such dreamer who becomes a director – Akshay Kumar, the owner of startup TheBlackLover, a one-stop vacation spot for everything you’ll ever need.

Starting in his date with owning a model and scaling it to a magnanimous scale, the very humble Akshay started living his dream at a time when the pandemic had collapsed the industry.

What difference does TheBlackLover develop in the arcade type

TheBlackLover makes type accessible to everyone. The model offers its consumers the pleasure of discovering pieces that resonate with their personality.

While the industry loves black clothing, there is still a color stereotype, which hasn’t stopped Akshay from developing the emblem. In fact, he claims this is most of the reason he intends to stick with his brand, not just to make sales but to break stereotypes.

For the majority, black is a bad omen and will not be worn on good days, it is an image of darkness. Why then will we wear black throughout the beginning rite to have a good time at school? Why do judges and lawyers put on a black coat throughout a lawsuit? Why do people in positions of authority dress and stumble in black? Has he ever thought of it? He wonders ?

Black can also be a color representing some standard ideas, but despite that, it displays class. It represents victory, authority, energy and beauty. It is a color that makes someone without reference to race and age look good and clean. Black complements your confidence for that interview or date night. You name an instance and black will best enhance your appearance and presence there.

From the color that has stood the test of time to the color that has made the face of a brand, black has always been the color of Akshay!

His confidence in TheBlackLover resonates throughout the cast, a new account in the type, the one who lifts all independence exits. What began as each individual’s confidence being markedly superb with a mutual admiration for black, sought to be a companion on their journey to find it and toughen it up via shades of black.

The backstory

Akshay hails from the western fringe of the Ganges in the city of Purnia. He was born to a working doctor mother and a father in the service of the central authority. Akshay was sent to boarding school in DPS, Siliguri when he was 8 years old. It was here that he nurtured his passion for aggressive sporting activities, most often cricket playing for the Bengal Cricket Association but even with herbal plant. talent for teachers. Akshay was once a born achiever no matter what he laid his arms on, which was reflected in his school grades throughout. However, things changed when he arrived in Delhi for his twelfth board assessments. Health problems combined with the uncertainty of what awaits us in the career weighed not only on his teachers, but also on the ardor of sports activities. However, Akshay was always keen to know how his center had all the solutions, instead of following his mother or father’s recommendation to pursue engineering studies, he was instead admitted to BBA in Global Industry at Amity University. This, he says, has actually paid off well. While some may frown that Amity is not what it offers the industry, for Akshay the route has incorporated the most productive experiences of Singapore and Melbourne and given him the learnings of ‘a life.

In fact, he credits his luck to his mentors at Amity University, especially Dr. Kshamta Chauhan and Ms. Aastha Gupta, who were huge influences to play in his adventure. So it was the same once upon completion of his level in 2018, he grabbed an opportunity with NIIT Limited and got promoted with RNF Applied Science in a short time, on the other hand, the learnings his alma mater stored him on his feet for a thing of his own.

With the result of the corporate experience with a different interpretation of publicity through his level, he knew something bigger was waiting for him. That’s when Akshay left his cocoon of a full-time job, to make his way into the global industry with his brainchild, TheBlackLover.

The idea hit him on the spot when he discovered that his identification had become synonymous with the color black. Black for Akshay is not a color of night, but the color that merges all the different hues brightens any match and soothes even the most exhausted soul. He realized over the years that people had been more effective looking at him in black clothes and accessories and thought why not carry that love for black into my professional passion – and so TheBlackLover is born.

What started as a meaningless thought, a crowd of buddies motivating him to pursue the concept and the fervor, determination and relentless will against the goal that led him to the luck he has these days.

To date, her model has received endorsements from the largest online e-commerce site: Myntra, Amazon and Ajio Fashion. TheBlackLover could also go global with its first retailer in Dubai in the coming months.

With all the achievements of his approach, Akshay continues to be hungry for discovery and pursues his MBA in International Business from Amity International Business School, Noida.

That said, the place to inventory your next All-Black search for your wardrobe, we say more!

Her goal is understated and achievable – Dream big and never give up on your goals!