The Drive with Rob & Roz meets tourism entrepreneur Gugu Sithole

Gugu Sithole is a tourism entrepreneur who founded Glamping Adventures; a company that offers traveling group glamping (glamorous camping) retreats in South Africa. Adventures are suitable for solo travelers, social groups, corporate retreats and team building.

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After a long and exciting career in corporate events, marketing and branding, Gugu has traded it all in for her love for Glamping Adventures. She is passionate about South Africa and seeks to discover the hidden gems South Africa has to offer. Her passion lies in developing rural tourism, with a particular focus on helping women start their own tourism businesses.

Currently, she is the executive producer of “Traveling Again”, a series of travel documentaries that showcases the attractions, landscapes and cultures of South Africa. The series aims to play a role in reviving the economy by encouraging tourism through displaying the splendor of South Africa.

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Gugu, through his foundation, Glamping Adventures Foundation, conducts workshops and trainings on storytelling and filmmaking in various rural communities. She thinks the film is a powerful tool to raise awareness about sustainability and conservation issues. Here are some tips on glamping:

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