Shaan Puri Net Worth 2022 – How Wealthy Is The Entrepreneur?

If you know anything about professional podcasts, you’ve probably come across the name Shaan Puri. This statement may also be true if you’re the Twitch type, or if you’ve heard of Blab, Bebo, or Milk Road, which is Puri’s personal newsletter.

He’s a busy guy, so let’s dig a little deeper. How exactly did Puri learn so much about investing and business, and more importantly, how did he build a net worth of $10 million?

Early life

Puri was born in 1988, and he is currently based in San Francisco. He graduated from Duke in 2010 with a degree in biology and chemistry, but Puri decided to jump at the possibility of medical school, and he opened a sushi restaurant with his two best buds.

Bad idea. The restaurant, which was supposed to be the Chipotle of sushi, went bankrupt, but at least Puri ate well during his struggles as a rookie restaurateur.

The setback, however, did not last long. Puri is one of those determined guys who was determined to succeed at all costs, and he found his way to success when he discovered he had a knack for creating and building businesses.

Business creation

The best way to follow Puri’s business success is to look at some of the companies he founded. The first that is often mentioned is Chat, a social media instant messaging app that was essentially a video precursor to Zoom. It closed in 2016, but that didn’t stop Puri in his quest for success.

Next up is Bebo. This social network was more successful, to the point that it was sold to Twitch for $850 million, then bought back by the original owner and Puri was hired as CEO.

But Puri is not limited to social media companies. He also runs a popular business podcast called My First Million with Sam Parr which is building a strong following. In addition to a promising podcast, Shaan has a cleverly named crypto newsletter milk route and is read by over 150,000 users.

Any search for Puri’s name will also turn up dozens of other business offers, including copywriting courses for effective advertising and other common offers that make up his online media empire.

Puri suffered a few setbacks, however. He is a firm believer in the future of the Metaverse, even though this imaginary VR playground has been slow to roll out viable products. Puri also likely took a hit with the recent crypto market crash as he owns Bitcoin and Ethereum.

He pledged to stay the course with the crypto, but Puri didn’t exactly reveal the percentage of his net worth that was pinched due to the crash.

Private life

As public as Shaan Puri has been about his never-ending quest for endless wealth, he’s just as private about his personal life.

His wife, Divya, is referred to in most of his social media posts as “Shaan Puri’s wife”, although there are a few entertaining posts about the ups and downs of their personal lives and the major purchases they make. she does along the way.

They recently started working on a business venture together, so expect her to play a bigger role in his business affairs in the future.