Renowned entrepreneur and mental health advocate Julian Sarafian’s ‘Nest Wall’ set to reinvent shower storage

Nest Mode is a company that uses the latest and greatest technology to simplify shower storage.

We believe that current shower storage options are simply outdated, inefficient, unsightly and in many cases unsustainable. »

—Julian Sarafian, CEO of Nest Mode

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 19, 2022 / — Shower storage is about to be reinvented, thanks to the vision, effort and passion of the Nest Mode team – – a small but mighty group of friends, led by Julian Sarafian, which includes a Harvard Law School graduate, a VP of commercial real estate, and a professional photographer/graphic designer.

The Nest Mode team is currently designing, building and growing a community around an innovative product for shower storage called Nest Wall. Armed with magnetic refillable bottles, two shower accessory cases and simple installation, its aim is to redefine the showering experience as we know it.

“We believe that current shower storage options are simply outdated, inefficient, unsightly and in many cases unsustainable,” says Sarafian, whose enthusiasm for the new product is contagious. “I think the Nest Wall is by far the dominant product in its category. Frankly, there is nothing that comes close to the aesthetic appeal, functionality and design of our product that solves the storage problem of the shower. Our team is passionate about the design of the Nest Wall and its ability to improve people’s lives. After all, we have aesthetically pleasing refillable soap containers in our bathrooms and kitchen. Why should this be? stop in the shower?”

As for funding, the Nest Mode team’s Kickstarter campaign will launch in June. The team is focused on preparing all the elements for a successful launch, including a marketing blitz and building engagement before that. “We’re doing things a little differently,” Sarafian says, “by launching our product — with zero dollars in ad spend, we’re building a community of thousands using social media tools, my network of influencers, and other creative avenues of exposure, including LinkedIn and Pinterest We are a very small group of friends who have full-time jobs alongside building Nest Mode, so we earn a lot with little time and resources.

To stay up to date with Nest Wall’s progress, Sarafian suggests following the Nest Mode team, “on social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, our website, and our email list. We’re building a community digital fans who want to see the Nest Wall come to life. With their help, we want to bring the Nest Wall to its next phase of production and put it in the hands of everyone.” TikTok in particular has been a boon for the Nest Mode team. According to Sarafian, “In less than six weeks, we have built a TikTok community of almost 20,000 people who support our product – in our opinion, another telltale sign of the depth with which people in the public want and are interested in this concept.”

There is also a strong initial interest in the business world. Sarafian reveals, “As a data point, an international big box retailer approached us about working together after seeing our product on TikTok.”

Julien Sarafian

Julian Sarafian is a Harvard Law School graduate and a California licensed attorney who represents digital creators, content creators, entrepreneurs and writers. Sarafian is co-CEO of start-up Nest Mode, a company on a mission to reinvent shower storage. He is also a viral content creator on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitch, where he has over 300,000 followers. Its content emphasizes the importance of mental health inside and outside the legal profession. Sarafian’s advocacy work has been covered by Bloomberg Law and Newsweek. He is also a senior partner in his own law firm – For Creators, By Creators PC – whose mission is to protect creators in the digital age. A lawyer by training, Julian is an active thought leader in the legal industry, providing insight into trends in the profession and advising lawyers on welfare. His written work has appeared in The American Lawyer and Bloomberg Law.

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