Recognition of entrepreneurs: 1st annual prize honoring entrepreneurs organized by Entrepreneur Empire

Entrepreneurs need to be recognized because they are underestimated, Entrepreneur Empire provides a platform where entrepreneurs come together.

Empire of entrepreneurs provides a platform where entrepreneurs can network and connect and obtain resources to start, grow and grow their businesses.

Entrepreneur Empire was born 5 years ago. They help entrepreneurs grow their business to $ 1 million and empower them to turn their business into an empire that will leave a legacy. The company is based on a basic rule: getting together is the beginning, staying together is progress, but working together is success.

The man behind this consulting agency is none other than Dr Casual Pitts. Yes! Mastermind Entrepreneur is a dynamic speaker and mentoring coach who has not only inspired, but pushed individuals to take action across the country.

Dr. Pitts has helped thousands of men, women and children to regain self-confidence and take charge of their life’s purpose and passions; eventually becoming the person they were born to be. The fusion of his incredibly challenged but humble upbringing with his vast training has positioned him to have a perspective that most are unable to perceive.

To caption the life of Dr Casual Pitts, one could say, “From extreme desolation to prosperity. Driven by purpose, promise and passion. One of those promises was made to God about being an agent of change, and it has remained an all-time priority. The initiatives that Dr Casuel Pitts orchestrates solidify him as a compassionate humanitarian; He has a deep understanding of gratitude and it is this spirit that continually catapults him into his Next that ultimately brings those he travels with to their Next too.

He shared: “My desire is to change poverty among many other things, my goal is to leave a legacy so deep that they add me to the history books so that children of all colors will have hope, which means to me: helping others every day. Whoever is reading this, I just want you to know that I won’t stop until I’m done. Through the inauguration of this platform, I wish, along with my entrepreneurial wife, to give entrepreneurs their well-deserved recognition. Everyone who gives back to the community deserves to be recognized. We are happy to be the initiators of this concept.

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About Entrepreneur Empire

Entrepreneur Empire is a consulting agency that helps entrepreneurs grow their $ 1 million business and empowers them to turn their businesses into a legacy empire.

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