Ogunbiyi: Resourceful leader and entrepreneur

A FEW years ago, the captains of Nigeria’s biggest banks and a very wealthy audience including representatives of major embassies gathered at the Lagos Business School (LBS) to provide an urgent answer to a conundrum: “The Nigerian insurance complete the country’s financial loop? “The guest speaker was Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi, who was then Group Managing Director of an insurance conglomerate, Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc, with substantial investments not only in insurance but also in banking, transportation, rental, real estate as well as oil and petroleum exploration. Sales. Dr Ogunbiyi did the subject justice and Nigerian banks quickly abandoned the ‘siddon-look’ attitude towards insurance. Banks have also gone ahead to set up insurance companies as subsidiaries. One analyst wrote that it was unbelievable that all Toyota cars used for car rental services at all airports in Nigeria were financed by Ogunbiyi’s insurance company. Dr. Ogunbiyi is a very resourceful and daring entrepreneur who believes that “available resources should be used efficiently, wisely and resourcefully in order to improve life and general well-being”.

He says, “I am totally committed to normative economics; i.e. the implementation of models for sustainable results using “dormant” or latent human and material resources to generate growth and development” Dr. Ogunbiyi that standards for the improvement of lives of citizens can be established and also prescribed. “Progress is determined by things that get better every day. In various countries and states, we need to be on the path of productivity and growth. Our value-added metrics need to bounce back and be adapted to accelerate rewards and beneficial growth,” he adds. Dr. Ogunbiyi has pioneered laudable and flagship value-added macroeconomic activities in Nigeria, Liberia and the Republic of Niger. Liberia and Niger have particularly benefited from his sustainable growth delivering achievements.

He has admirably described himself as a tremendous game-changer, a proven entrepreneur who always achieves beneficial results. Business entrepreneurs are special people who see opportunity in all latent or slow service, poor products, and unmet needs. They have always put in years of hard and smart work to achieve lasting excellence. Dr. Ogunbiyi’s ability and capacity were greatly enhanced by his insatiable thirst for education and laurels. He is an alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University and the University of Lagos. He also attended the International Graduate School of Management, University of Navarre, Barcelona, ​​Spain. He obtained the Global Executive Leadership Certificate from Yale School of Management and the Graduate Advanced Management Leadership Certificate from Saïd Business School, Oxford University, UK. Ogunbiyi is a personality brand icon. His distinguished professional and entrepreneurial trajectory is characterized and defined by the creation and delivery of value, humility, excellence and humanity.

A true son of Ileogbo, Aiyedire Local Government Area in Osun State, Dr Ogunbiyi said it was time to give back to his roots: “I have been looking very closely at the continued evolution of our cherished state since its inception in 1991. I have watched the various fortunes that have befallen the state in the hands of various business leaders and I am seriously concerned about the unsatisfactory pace of the economic position of the Osun State in the Nigerian Federation. Despite the enviable level of human development, our fellow citizens do not benefit from the values ​​of democratic governance. We are indeed very far from the dreams and aspirations of our founding fathers. Today, is Osun State working for its citizens? Let’s check the measurements. What are the strategic goals of the state in relation to its objective realities? Where are the beneficial values ​​provided by the government? Where are the jobs? Where are the industries despite rich and massive agricultural endowments? What do we do with our rich mineral resources? Where are the opportunities for our vibrant and dynamic young people? What is the condition of our school, health facilities, roads and other infrastructure? Is an overview in twelve years enough? Where are the support services that will generate growth? We were once the home of batiks, where are they now? Do we have provisions for the growth of our artists given the high contribution of Nollywood to Nigeria’s GDP? What are the plans for IT development or even the availability of the Internet facility? Do we have equity and justice in the creation and distribution of wealth? What about tourism? The government talks about future development plans after twelve (12) years. Are we voting to stay impoverished? Or are we ready to dispel illusions? Are we going to validate too little performance or no performance at all with our votes?


Our GOD, the Almighty is the ultimate leader, but HE has in HIS mercy, endowed us with the capacity and capacity to use resources and strategy to provide a good life and appreciable well-being. A leader must create impact through effectiveness and must always lift the veil on effectiveness by creating more impact. But what do we have in Osun State, the incumbent is surely and definitely tired and should retire. For Dr. Ogunbiyi, his opinion is that there is a simple model that works. The question is, how do you get from where you are today in Osun State to where you want to be? The answer is to lead and institutionalize a culture of “peak performance”. Embrace the kind of focus on accelerated growth and development that is strategically intentional and goal-driven. For example, we need to build alignment around a well-thought-out and achievable strategy on agriculture or, for example, the cocoa development revolution, agro-industries, accountability and transparency in the exploitation of our mineral resources. given by God as well as mineral processing plants. Dr. Ogunbiyi has a track record of value-added and value-added accomplishments. No one can give what he does not have.

We cannot continue to be cynical about growth, development, progress and productivity. We cannot continue to live with assumptions. We must rise up and connect, and with determination, work for the progress of Osun State. We must decide tomorrow for ourselves and the future for our children.

  • Ogunko writes from Osun State