Mike Thurston net worth 2022: How rich is the fitness entrepreneur?

After leaving behind a life of parties and nightclubs, Mike Thurston achieved success in the fitness industry. His chiseled physique caught the eye on social media as he became a content creator and personal trainer. He also runs online coaching sessions and a clothing store called THRST. As of 2022, Mike Thurston has a net worth of $8 million.

Early life

Michael George Thurston was born on August 9, 1990. He grew up in the English city of Leeds, Yorkshire. As a child, he was always fascinated by fitness, playing sports like cricket, football and rugby.

He mainly played rugby in high school. Mike didn’t start lifting weights until he was 18 and wanted to build a strong body, so he trained in his school gym.

In 2008, he went to Newcastle University to complete a bachelor’s degree in economics and business management. It was during this time that he started leading an unhealthy life and still graduated in 2011.

Early career

As a student, Thurston went to lots of parties. Alcohol and junk food impacted his body goals, so he believed the fitness industry was not the way to go after graduating from college.

At 21, he moved to Spain to become a bar and nightclub promoter. After spending his summer there, Mike continued to work in the same position when he returned to the UK. He eventually quit working as a promoter when he was hired to run a retail store. However, this career change still did not satisfy Michael. So he started training again.

fitness success

Mike didn’t take fitness seriously until he was 22 years old. After a year of hard work, he became a certified trainer. He also started a health and fitness startup with a few of his friends.

In 2016, the bodybuilding enthusiast took his business online. He created free fitness classes on his personal YouTube channel. He also offered exclusive online coaching with his brand, THRST.

His videos have consistently garnered attention and Mike Thurston has become known for his aesthetic stature and dependable ideas. Currently, he has amassed over 1.28 million subscribers on YouTube and one million subscribers on Instagram.

Net worth and earnings

Creating fitness content has helped Mike turn his passion into a full-time career. Thanks to YouTube ads alone, he earns around $5,000 a month. Additionally, it has brand deals with MyProtein, White Towels, and Bioniq.com.

His company THRST has an app that offers annual packages worth up to £74.99. Additionally, their official website offers an online clothing store with a range of fitness apparel available. All of these activities add up to a net worth of around $8 million.

Private life

Mike Thurston never had a relationship, at least with the one he made public. One personal life event that he shared with his viewers was his hair transplant journey. He started losing a lot of hair in 2017. He did his research and ended up having a FUE hair transplant.