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Women refer to their hair as their golden crown of glory, spending thousands of dollars on products that promise to deliver length and health.

Sadra Lindsay, CEO of Garden Gold Cosmetics, told JIS News that she found the winning formula for hair growth.

The local and relatively new entrepreneur, who manufactures hair care products, takes pride in knowing that all the ingredients used are organic.

Ms Lindsay says that despite the obstacles, she launched her business at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, crediting divine inspiration for concocting the golden formula.

“Well, as an entrepreneur, I have another business, and during the pandemic, we went through a tough time, so instead of using regular shampoo, I just decided to use things from my garden, just like that, fresh from the garden. The results have been amazing,” she says.

“The business started in June 2021 when we started producing for retail. Before that we were kind of trying all of this in my own hair and the results were amazing. So based on that we decided to try the market to see how it would be received, and that was a blessing,” Lindsay notes.

Garden Gold Cosmetics’ Sadra Lindsay poses with her products that let your hair grow out.

She credits the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) for equipping her with the skills to become a savvy and hands-on entrepreneur.

“I have been a member of this entity for several years, since 2013. Before starting production, I went to speak to my business development officer at the JBDC in Mandeville and explained to him what I was going to undertake,” she says.

Ms. Lindsay points out that the JBDC officer provided the necessary advice.

“As for writing a business plan, he helped me with that, but it’s also something I would have done already, having been trained as an entrepreneur by the JBDC in 2015, but he helped get me on the right track and sharpen my ideas,” she adds.

Ms Lindsay notes that she also received additional training from the HEART/NSTA Trust in 2015 when she was doing level three administration.

“It was a lot of training in terms of entrepreneurship on how you create products and how I would do labeling and stuff like that. It was part of a pilot program the JBDC had with Leuphana University in Germany that lasted a few months,” she says.

Despite having the information, producing the oils presented some challenges, says Lindsay.

“We wanted to use 100% organic oils and that was a bit hard to find here. There’s one particular ingredient that we religiously source from overseas because it’s very expensive here and most of the people who sell it here (Jamaica) they sell the refined version,” she says.

“Also, it was difficult to get good bottles. However, we have managed to find a distributor who supplies us with our bottles and we try to buy in bulk, so as never to be out of stock”, explains the CEO.

It also acknowledges the work of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) to ensure that its products meet the standards necessary for mass production.
“All of our products are actually tested by the Bureau of Standards to make sure they don’t contain any harmful ingredients that could affect people,” Lindsay says.

“We also have all of our labels approved by the Bureau of Standards,” Lindsay notes.

There are two main items in the Garden Gold line of products – the Aloe Oil Blend and the Rosemary Oil Blend – which she says are guaranteed to grow hair fast.

“We started with the Garden Gold Aloe Oil Blend and the results from people were just amazing. My own hair aside, it’s a whole different feeling when you get reviews so often from people you don’t even know and say, ‘Oh my God, that’s a godsend,'” says Lindsay.

Garden Gold Cosmetics signature aloe oil blend is said to guarantee rapid hair growth

“We then started doing the rosemary oil blend, which is another amazing product that allowed people to grow really thick hair, really quickly. It was especially wonderful for people with very curly hair. We have since produced the shampoo and conditioner that go with the range. The response has been amazing as we get at least five reviews a day,” she adds.

Garden Gold Cosmetics rosemary oil blend is said to guarantee thicker hair to its users.

Ms Lindsay says she was able to ship the products to the Caribbean, UK, US and Canada.

“I really see the business taking off internationally and we are shipping to other parts of the world. The reviews from countries other than Jamaica have also been amazing. I really can’t wait for the business to make a name for itself in the industry,” she told JIS News.

What makes the products so good, she says, is a secret ingredient that she believes no other hair company has attempted to use, which helps hair grow quickly.

A mother-of-two, Ms Lindsay says it wouldn’t have been possible without a supportive husband.

“He is very supportive in the company. We work together, we make together, we take care of the boys together, we do just about everything together,” she adds.
Those interested in purchasing the products can contact Garden Gold through its Instagram account, @gardengoldcosmetics.

The complete line of Garden Gold Cosmetics, which includes Aloe Oil Blend, Rosemary Oil Blend, and Aloe Blend Shampoo and Conditioner.