John McAfee Net Worth 2022: How Wealthy Was The Tech Entrepreneur?

Crypto entrepreneur, software programmer, and businessman are some of the well-known professions of the late John McAfee. He first became famous for founding McAfee Associates in the 1970s, a software company that sold anti-virus software. Although deceased, John McAfee had a net worth of $4 million.


John David McAfee was born in Gloucestershire, England on September 18, 1945. He is the child of a US Army officer named Don and a British mother named Joan Williams. John grew up in Virginia, USA.

In 1967, McAfee earned a degree in mathematics from Roanoke College, which awarded him an honorary doctorate of science in 2008. At Northeast Louisiana State College, McAfee began pursuing a doctorate in mathematics but was expelled in 1968.

From 1968 to 1970, McAfee worked as a developer at NASA’s Institute for Space Studies in New York. He then became a software consultant for Computer Sciences Corporation in 1978. From 1980 to 1982 he was employed by the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton.

McAfee Associates

After working several jobs for a few years, he joined Lockheed, an aerospace manufacturer. There he read about PC malware attacks known as Brain and found them alarming. He also saw a business opportunity.

So he set about writing software that could automatically identify and remove computer viruses. In 1987 John started McAfee Associates Inc. and sold a program called VirusScan.

It was the first software product distributed via the Internet and the first antivirus program launched on the market. He wanted to highlight the importance of desktop virus protection, and he generated millions in sales along the way. John sold his remaining shares in 1994 and quit, but the company continued to use his name as a trademark.

Other companies

Later, he founded Tribal Voice, which built PowWow, an instant messaging program. He then invested and joined the board of directors of Zone Labs, a manufacturer of firewall software. In 2010, he developed the herbal antibiotic company QuorumEx.

In 2016, he became CEO of a technology holding company called MGT Capital Investments. During the ICO boom of 2017 and 2018, McAfee promoted crypto tokens such as Dogecoin, Verge, and Reddcoin. This later got him in trouble with the SEC for not disclosing payments he received for online advertising projects.

In 2016, he ran for President of the United States, but the campaign failed. He tried again in 2020, but history repeated itself. In 2022, Netflix announced that a documentary on the life of John McAfee was in production. The documentary is titled Running with the Devil and is set to be released on August 24, 2022.

Net worth and earnings

John McAfee created the first commercial antivirus program and became a multi-millionaire in the process. In 1999, he was earning $5 million a year. This figure does not include the other companies he founded.

He has also invested in and promoted various cryptocurrencies online. At his peak, John McAfee was worth $100 million. The wealth was squandered due to legal issues and personal reasons, he died with a net worth of $4 million.

Private life

John has been married three times. The name of his first wife is unknown, but his second partner was Judy McAfee, whom he divorced in 2002. In 2013, he married Janice Dyson who was forty years younger. In 2020, McAfee was arrested for tax evasion and died in a Spanish jail cell a year later.