Ivy League Next for the best entrepreneur with ties to Croatia: meet Eric Tolic

July 21, 2022 – Eric Tolic has had quite the year so far. The young entrepreneur from Toronto, Ontario has not only been named one of the best in Canada, but has also been admitted to the prestigious Columbia University for graduate studies this fall.

As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, Eric Tolic already has his next goal in mind – an Ivy League degree. Founded in 1754, Columbia University has impressive alumni and is notoriously selective among its international applicants. With an acceptance rate of just 3.73% for undergraduates in 2022, getting in is no small feat.

“It’s amazing,” Eric said. “I have always considered my education very important. Attending Columbia is a privilege, and I hope to explore as many
university as I can over the next year.

Born in Osijek, his father immigrated to Canada when he was 9 years old. With his family still in Zagreb, Eric stays in touch. “My European journey has
in many ways shaped who I have become. Croatia has a lot of great qualities, as well as Italy, where my mother is from,” he adds. Needless to say, those close to both sides are proud of his journey so far.

Prior to Columbia, Eric completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto. As a business student, he credits much of his early career success to
program. “Without the opportunity to strengthen my knowledge in various disciplines, I would not have had the confidence to launch several
startups this early,” Eric said. “College teaches you to think critically, which is one of your greatest assets as an entrepreneur.”

While being admitted to the Ivy League was a major achievement in itself, he was also selected for the NEXT 36 in April. Each year, NEXT Canada recognizes the best young entrepreneurs to watch and aims to accelerate their growth through access to mentorship and capital. Serving as a founding incubator, NEXT is committed to building a more prosperous and competitive nation.

“I am fortunate to be surrounded by many brilliant minds. It pushes you to be better,” Eric said. Currently, he is working on his latest venture, Learnify, whose app is designed to help post-secondary students eliminate manual tasks and achieve high grades. Considering the long development process related to AI
solutions, getting to market takes time. “We will fundamentally change the way students learn and progress in their education,” adds Eric.

“I wish I had a resource like this throughout my undergraduate studies.”

Hoping to eventually continue the business full-time, he is now employed by HyperLinq. The YC-backed cryptocurrency startup offers superior technology to traders around the world. With top investors including Fenbushi Capital, Rebel Fund, Side Door Ventures, etc., things are going well. Leading the growth team, Eric is responsible for user acquisition. Showing no signs of slowing down, he plans to continue making an impact.

“I’ve never been afraid of change,” Eric said. “Change is what drives society forward, and I always aspire to make the world a little better.”

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