[HS Exclusive] Acting is my passion, but being an entrepreneur comes naturally: Sunny Leone

sunny leon has always lived by its own rules and forged its own path – in entertainment and entrepreneurship.

She has her own production company, a line of cosmetics – StarStruck by Sunny Leone, and launched the lingerie brand Infamous by StarStruck in 2020.

On May 13, his birthday, Sunny launched “I dream of sunshine” in collaboration with HeyHey!, an online platform fostering experiential engagement between celebrities, influencers and creators around the world via new era technology.

With that, the actress is ready to venture into the exciting and intriguing realm of gamification.

“I Dream of Sunny” is a product that combines NFTs, Artificial Intelligence (AI), fanworms, games, sweepstakes, winning combination and other similar terms into one .

To be part of it, users must first purchase NFT cards, made available on the “I Dream of Sunny” website.

Purchasing these utility NFTs grants access to the actress’ private discord server. There are four different NFT card variants in the categories, which are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Joker which help in playing the game, and each card comes with bonus features, which will give direct access to Sunny.

In an exclusive interview with His history, Sunny talks about new product offering, entering the world of NFTs, being an entrepreneur, and more.

Edited excerpts from the conversation:

HerStory (HS): Tell us about your partnership with Hey! Hey Global and what will it bring?

Sunny Leone (SL): The partnership between Suncity, Daniel, HeyHey! and I is fundamentally strategic and technological. Eh eh ! came on board and basically built the keystroke engine, the backend, and run the whole NFT game process with us. They had a relationship with Rosebud, who did the AI ​​for the artwork.

HS: Why did you decide to enter the world of NFT?

SL: We have been in the NFT world for quite some time. We had a small launch a year ago. For this one, we have chosen to put all our efforts, knowledge and create a great team for it. It’s not something new. I think it’s a great way to connect with the audience. Additionally, the new diverse audience likes to use crypto and NFTs. We thought that was another great avenue to explore, and we think we’re creating a great product for people.

sunny leon

HS: How do I Dream of Sunny users get unique experiences?

SL: This is a unique experience where once the utilities—silver, gold and platinum are purchased, you start playing a game similar to playing cards. We choose the winners every week. Every Monday we announce the game of the week open and every Friday the winner is chosen. It is based on the concept of a raffle or a lottery. Thanks to this, they have access to discord, Zoom calls me, shouts on Instagram and Twitter and joins my Instagram lives. Platinum card holders have the chance to skydive with me. There are many utilities and benefits for people. Utilities combined with these NFTs is what the ultimate fan verse is.

HS: What does it mean to you to be a technology entrepreneur?

SL: This means several things. It combines available technologies into something unique, and that’s what we did. We’ve combined four or five available technologies and combined them into something unique. It also means creating something that has never been done before, something completely new and that’s what ‘I Dream of Sunny’ is all about. The process, from start to finish and what you get out of it, has never been done before.

HS: Tell us about the entrepreneurial aspect of your life? Do you find it as fulfilling as your acting career? Do you have other projects in this direction?

SL: Acting is my passion. But being an entrepreneur with my husband comes naturally to us. When we find an opportunity, we evaluate it for a while, then we dive in and give it our all. We see if we can leverage it and grow it, and then we go ahead and do it, but we’re very selective.

HS: How has your life changed during the pandemic – professionally and personally?

SL: The pandemic has affected us all. In fact, it was the hardest part for health workers saving lives. I took the opportunity to spend time with my husband and my children. When I went out for work, I took every precaution. It looks like we are entering a phase where the pandemic may not impact our lives as much as it has in the past two years.

HS: What are you working on at the moment?

SL: I am currently shooting for a multilingual film opposite Vishnu Manchu and I also have a multilingual film which is called Gang Quote. I also have tamil movie shero and Oh my ghost In progress.

HS: In an interview with us in 2018, you said, “The essence of being a woman is just to represent yourself and the things you love and want in life, and then achieve them. ” Is this a guiding philosophy in life?

SL: The essence of being a woman remains the same for me. Even today, I do my best in whatever I choose to do. Whether it’s making films in different industries in the country, being a mother or even an entrepreneur. I have a wonderful partner in Daniel who supports me and also helps me in everything I do.

HS: Looking back, what are you most proud of? And despite the hypocrisy and the judgments, what keeps Sunny Leone going?

SL: I think confidence in me. Despite the odds and the critical attitude of others, I never doubted my abilities and my belief in myself has always served me well.

HS: Working mothers are no longer exceptions in Bollywood, with many women proving they can handle both easily. You are one too… How do you deal with the constant attention your children receive?

SL: That comes with the territory of being a public figure. I’m not gung ho constant attention and scrutiny and I do my best to ensure that they receive a normal upbringing.