How an Engineer Became a Successful Entrepreneur: The Inspirational Story of Rohit Ajmani

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Posted: Monday August 1st, 2022, 10:57 AM [IST]

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American business tycoon Steve Jobs once said, “I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones is sheer persistence.” Entrepreneurship is not just about turning an innovative idea into a scalable business. This difficult path requires being at the confluence of a strong work ethic, deep passion, patience and creativity. One budding entrepreneur, who possesses all of these qualities and more, is Mr. Rohit Ajmani, CEO and co-founder of Idea Clan.

This electronics and electrical engineer broke stereotypes by becoming an affiliate and performance marketing wizard. From an early age, Rohit always had a passion for innovation and technology. Over time, he has mastered the skills of online advertising, affiliate marketing, lead generation, media buying, PPV, display media, brand conversion, user engagement via SEM and SMM, automated marketing and big data optimization. He wonderfully materialized his knowledge and passion in the real world by co-founding a MarTech company named Idea Clan alongside his good friend, Mr. Sahil Walia.

Today, Idea Clan is known worldwide for its expert team and excellent track record of delivering outstanding performance in the affiliate world by optimizing various digital efforts such as pay per click, media buying, marketing mobile and social media marketing. During his time at Idea Clan, Rohit consulted with various publicly traded brands to help them make an impact in the digital world through proven strategies in media buying, social media and brand marketing. performance.

The first-generation entrepreneur is also a co-founder of UniQuote, a customer-focused company that focuses on providing advice on getting the best financial quotes in the industry. The company offers various user-friendly financial products and services. These products and services include debt relief, refinancing, life insurance, medical insurance, health insurance, home insurance, and auto insurance. With over seven years of market experience, Rohit and his team of experts help clients find the perfect insurance option based on their financial commitment. In addition, they also provide advice on products such as solar panels.

Born in 1991, this engineer par excellence has many distinctions to his name. His contributions to the technical world have been celebrated by CPAlead, one of the top affiliate marketing companies. The organization awarded him the “Best Senior CPA Editor Award”. It also won the IEEE Best Technical Paper Competition, held at PU Chandigarh. This versatile public speaker and valued mentor is often invited as a guest speaker by prestigious institutes and companies across the country. He also chaired an entrepreneurial event as a guest lecturer at CCET college of Panjab University. He was invited as a speaker at a major event on Marketing and Media Technology organized by AD Tech Delhi. Also, he was a lecturer at Earning Labs, Delhi which is one of the best digital marketing conferences in India.

Currently, he is also the CEO of Viral Sparks. Viral Sparks is an innovative platform that allows businesses to connect with relevant influencers to promote their content. This futuristic tool also helps businesses with content strategy and publisher management. Viral Sparks’ team of experts are well versed in all existing industry standards for content promotion and optimization.

Apart from that, he is also an angel investor. The pioneer is extensively involved in the creation and execution of high yield strategies. He categorically accepts that there are many ways to approach a problem. His unparalleled dedication to his passion has proven his mettle in the industry. He is an inspiration to many budding entrepreneurs.

Over the years, he has displayed impeccable character with his unparalleled hard work and spirit. He has helped his clients drive growth in the e-commerce industry by dramatically increasing demand for their products and services. In the future, he wants to develop his business. His vision is to list his company, Idea Clan, on the Nasdaq, the American stock exchange. To achieve this objective, he seeks to work on the fundamentals of marketing to build an attractive valuation of the company. Also, it aims to build strong user bases that will drive demand for their stock in the future.

Article first published: Monday, August 1, 2022, 10:57 a.m. [IST]