GTeX’s award-winning entrepreneur Simone Vincenzi grows businesses through the power of community

Growing Together Exponentially Ltd (GTeX), a London, UK-based company co-founded by award-winning Simone Vincenzi, wants everyone to know it’s in the business of growing businesses with the power of the community. This power of community is used to get more customers. It is important to note that GTeX turns experts into authorities. They offer the industry-leading strategy that allows speakers and coaches to get noticed, get paid, and make an impact without having to launch new offerings every month, never take a day off, and never burn out. .

Simone Vincenzi, co-founder of GTeX, says: “The main difference between an expert who has a big impact (and an income) is what they do on a day-to-day basis. Find out how you can use the GTeX method to attract customers, build a strong community around your business, and create recurring revenue. To learn more about GTeX, you can visit this page.

Coaches and speakers who want to go the distance to become ultimate experts may want to join speakers, changemakers, consultants, and coaches in the free GTeX community to make meaningful connections to help them grow in their business and have a greater impact in the world.

And for those who are ready to really start implementing their strategies to generate recurring income, have a huge impact on the community, and become an authority in their particular field, the Ultimate Expert program is for them.

GTeX provides a free professional checklist that helps experts get the exact business growth plan to turn from experts to authorities. From this checklist, experts will learn three things: the target customer; marketing strategy; and business processes. First of all, it is important for an expert to know his ideal client. This is the target customer and it is essential that entrepreneurs truly understand who they are marketing and selling to. Second, it is necessary to have a coherent marketing strategy. This requires identifying the main marketing areas of the business. And third, making sure the right business processes are in place is key to keeping the business running smoothly.

Simone Vincenzi is a multi-award winning author and serial entrepreneur who has earned a reputation for helping people launch over 500 profitable businesses by the time he hits 30 with his company GTeX. He has been named as one of the most influential migrant entrepreneurs in the House of Parliament and is a writer for Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes. He is often featured on radio and TV shows explaining how experts can become authorities in their field. He works with experts and start-up entrepreneurs who want to grow their business, including multi-millionaires who want to start new ventures.

Founded in 2013, Growing Together Exponentially is a personal development workshop company co-founded by Simone Vincenzi and Ben Shorter that grew out of their passion for public speaking. Their vision is to provide each individual in their local community with the power or ability to establish a world of purposeful and fulfilled individuals. Their goal is to provide innovative and advanced experiential training, workshops and conferences to empower participants to live the life they have always wanted to create. Their mission is: to establish a community that supports and will accelerate personal growth.

GTeX holds workshops across London at regular intervals. At these events, leading coaches, trainers and speakers deliver advanced professional, personal and business development workshops. Through these workshops, GTeX is gradually developing a community of supportive people that allows them to “grow together for the better”. Indeed, GTeX offers the best value and the best experience to all workshop participants, including those who collaborate with them.

Those interested in learning more about GTeX and their workshops can visit their website or contact them by phone or email. For free GTeX commercial resources, visit this page.


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