Grantham entrepreneur opens Laura Longden Interiors boutique on Westgate

An entrepreneur has officially opened her own interiors boutique after months of planning.

Laura Longden opened her Laura Longden Interiors store on Thursday (12 May) in the ‘perfect’ location of Westgate, Grantham.

After running a local luxury interiors boutique, Laura decided to strike out on her own and says she is passionate about helping her clients improve their homes with carefully selected products.

Laura Longden opened her interiors business in Westgate, Grantham. (56715948)

When asked how the store opening went, Laura said: “It went really well. I had a lot of excited people coming through the door, intrigued by what was going on. behind the window the whole time.

“The general feedback and reactions were wonderful. People said it was like stepping into a new world. I’m very proud to have purchased something different for our city.

“It’s a whole new process for me to own the business and have the freedom to buy and make future plans, which I’m hugely excited about. This whole business is grounded in my passion for interiors and I I will always stay true to that.”

Laura Longden Interiors.  (56715938)
Laura Longden Interiors. (56715938)

Laura Longden Interiors will be open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Laura hopes the building itself will add a bit more to the shopping experience for its customers and provide “that chocolate box feeling”. With a relaxing ambiance and friendly conversation.

She said: ‘This is a Grade II listed property and exactly what I was looking for with lots of functionality and grandeur.

The building was completely reconfigured and really surprised people who were there before when it was a watch store. With the walls removed and the magnificent cantou uncovered, it has been transformed and has become a real element of the shop front.

Laura adds that she is already extremely excited to dress up this area with a host of beautiful items for Christmas. “I think the cantou deserves a wonderful fresh garland on it this Christmas surrounded by beautiful baubles and presents, I can’t wait,” she adds.

Laura Longden Interiors (56715940)
Laura Longden Interiors (56715940)

Laura’s style is very versatile and she can find items especially for her clients. She is currently working on a few client design projects and is excited to share her portfolio of these online soon.

She said: “It’s really nice when people come to discuss their hopes for their home and I hope to give people the confidence to try something new and exciting with their decor. That’s when we try something new and as we step out of our comfort zone we really do a show-stopping program.

“I will constantly be adding to my collection here at the store to maintain enthusiasm and interest in my brand. I think that’s key for a small store”

Once the Lick paint business starts supplying stores Laura will be a stockist of Lick paint, she has the color charts available at the store to help customers plan a new project but you can already order the paint from the store or by going to the Lick website.