From Microsoft engineer to multi-millionaire entrepreneur: the success story of Matt Fly

Crypto, NFT, metaverse… These web 3.0 technologies are taking up more and more space in our lives and today offer countless opportunities to investors. However, when one is new to the field, it can be difficult not to make costly mistakes. Between the multiple scams and the loss of money on investment in certain projects, it can quickly be difficult to find the right information to know how to analyze all the opportunities and take measured risks. Mistakes are part of learning, but when money is at stake it is very necessary to be certain of what you are doing.

Many people today lose money due to unsuccessful investments, mainly due to a lack of knowledge and experience. In the mass of information available to anyone wishing to learn about a field, it is essential to be able to learn from the right people, those who have already acquired years of experience and who have results. This is the case of Matt Mouchea multi-investment entrepreneur, who has a strong experience in the field.

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A career rich in hard work and determination

In order to avoid mistakes for beginners, Matt has developed a complete training program for his community: Crypto NFT Suprem Money, which is now followed by a large number of investors. Originally a Microsoft engineer, Matt decided to start his own business in commerce when he was fired from his employer after 8 years working at the same company. This event triggered him and he promised himself that he would never again let his stability be compromised by another person’s decision. He started training in trading and sharing his results on social media. He aroused a lot of interest in his community thanks to his good results and then decided to launch his first training program: Extrem Money, with the aim of teaching the basics of trading and starting to invest while taking into account rules to secure your capital and lose as little money as possible. The idea for this program came from his community’s desire for training which had already been mentioned many times by Matt. At that time, there were still very few content creators on social media, and he was one of the first pioneers to build a community around investing.

A springboard for investing in Web 3.0

As for Crypto NFT Suprem Money, it is a training program that stands out for the totally immersive content it offers. It covers the topics of NFT, Digital Assets, and Web 3.0 Development. A great opportunity to train and invest in these new technologies. The training program also gives access to Matt’s portfolio of digital assets and eleven investment opportunities that are expected to be very profitable as early as 2022. Knowing the incredible opportunities offered by this developing sector, it can be really interesting to get started for diversify its income and try to make good profits from this activity. This highly innovative sector still sees many investors making big profits. However, it is very easy to get lost in the jungle of unscrupulous NFT and crypto projects that very often end in failure. This is where a program like Matt’s comes into its own, allowing his students to follow a much faster learning path and to distinguish good opportunities from bad. By striving to learn all of Matt’s program knowledge, students can master the essentials of what they need to know about the field in a matter of months, enabling them to make successful investments.

In addition to content, members of Matt’s #FOREXGANG community have access to private groups to exchange advice and opportunities among investors in the same field. This allows community members to grow together and help each other on a daily basis. A real boost for any investor who is starting out or who wants to improve with quality content and a community that shares value. Thanks to the content shared on its social networks and that of its training programs, Matt’s Fly has quickly become a reference for anyone who wants a boost to get started in investing in trading or the web3. Having access to this valuable content avoids some mistakes that can be made when starting out in the field and which can lead to a significant loss of your initial investment capital. Thanks to Matt’s expertise and the community of investors in which we enter once integrated into the program, we have all the keys to evolve quickly. Matt’s training programs are distinguished by the quality of the content offered, which goes to the essentials and allows its members to quickly generate profits on their investments. It’s a real boost to diversify your investments., Matt’s second company

Investment is not the only passion of Matt Fly since he diversified his activities with the creation of a second company in the private aviation sector:, which offers the ability to rent or buy private jets via an app. From 2017 to 2019, Matt traveled weekly for his business and took private jets for those trips, which is why he decided to partner with a second private aviation enthusiast, Lucien, to start the business. The activity has developed well over the years, and today its notoriety allows it to have a renowned French and international clientele.

Matt Fly today continues to train his students and share the results of his investments to enable others to follow his path, and through determination and hard work, maybe one day achieve geographic and financial freedom. .