Entrepreneur plans ride-sharing app for electric scooters – The Royal Gazette

Updated: May 10, 2022 07:58

Alexander Marshall, Founder of Whip Ride Share (Photograph provided)

An electric scooter ride-sharing business is started by Bermudian artist Alexander Marshall, known by his stage name Fiyah Marshall.

Whip Ride Share is promoted as an affordable and convenient way to get around the island, allowing residents and tourists to pick up and drop off small-wheeled electric-assist scooters from designated locations.

The company recently carried out a soft launch in collaboration with the local group “entrepreneurial accelerator” Ignite Bermuda and is expected to officially launch on Saturday [May 15] to coincide with the return of Sail GP racing.

Electric scooter ride-sharing company Whip Ride Share officially launched on Saturday (photo provided)

The scooters can be rented through the Whip Ride Share app which is due to launch this week and will be available through the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Mr. Marshall, founder of Whip Ride Share, said The Royal Gazette“We’re launching on Saturday because it’s a great opportunity to introduce a new service to Bermuda and help tourists and locals get around while enjoying the Sail GP festivities.

“Everyone is aware of the transport problems in Bermuda, it is not always easy to get around. We hope to make Bermuda more modern.

“It’s on-demand, fun and affordable – convenient transportation rental in the palm of your hand.

“All you need is government-issued ID and a credit or debit card to use the service. It’s similar to what’s on offer in the US – anyone aged 16 and over can pick them up and you must park them in one of the many ‘Whip Zones’ around the island to end service rent.

“They have a maximum speed of 25 km/h and are safe to use.

“They are not subject to transport laws, it’s like riding a bike on the road – we ask our customers to keep to the left, not to ride the scooters under the influence of alcohol or drugs and to respect other road users.”

Whip Ride Share units use interchangeable batteries. Users can drop off units in various designated drop zones called “whipped zones”.

The company provides helmets that can be attached to the units when they are finished.

Users are entitled to their first ride for free when purchasing a basic credit package. For more information, visit www.grabawhip.com

Mr Marshall said he was starting the business with 150 custom-designed electric-assist scooters.

Once registered, customers can rent a scooter for as little as $3, then 50 cents per minute thereafter. Mr Marshall said Whip Ride Share uses a similar model to e-scooter rental companies overseas Bird and Lime.

He said: “We took them as industry leaders and tweaked it for Bermuda. Our model’s interchangeable batteries mean the fleet doesn’t need downtime to recharge.

“There are several hundred ‘whipped areas’ around the island where scooters can be parked and we invite businesses to nominate more on their properties. The St Regis hotel gives us an area in front of the hotel.

Mr. Marshall added that he hopes to expand the business in the Caribbean.

“Our goal is to become the premier electric-assisted micro-mobility scooter ride-sharing provider in the Caribbean.

Mr. Marshall is a recording artist who has performed with international artists including American rapper Jadakiss and Jamaican reggae musician Sizzla.

He currently resides in Bermuda and says that although his main focus is Whip Ride Share, he continues to create music.

A company press release read: “Whip is excited to enhance Bermuda’s tourism experience product while modernizing our transportation system to keep pace with other jurisdictions around the world where electric-assisted scooters, e-bikes and micro-mobility ride-sharing services have become the norm.

“We are excited to help make Bermuda better and contribute to its future. Need to go somewhere? #GrabAWhip”