Entrepreneur Ibrahim Assad’s vision to lead the luxury car rental industry has grabbed the headlines – News

For years we have known people in different fields and sectors of the world. These professionals have had a huge impact on many budding talents in the business niche. However, a few stories radiate sheer brilliance as they are made from scratch and rise to the top as self-taught success stories. Ibrahim Assad is one of those eminent names, a motivated professional and entrepreneur, the man who believed he could, and that’s how he did it all, on his own. This young entrepreneur made sure to conquer the world of car rental and today really made it huge with his company ‘MasterKey Rent A Car’, as the founder.

Assad started working at the naive age of 16 and was always clear on what he was looking for in life. He always wanted to create a career that could provide value to people and inspire young people in many ways. For the love of cars, he started with five cars and now owns over 100 super luxury and sports cars. The kind of luxury lifestyle he created for himself has turned heads. He plans to buy more than 50 cars this year and work with determination towards that goal. Assad is also a co-founder of Masterkey Media and UAE Times Now.

He became an industry visionary, and his vision of leading the luxury car rental industry by defining service excellence and building the loyalty of exceptional customers has helped him, and MasterKey Rent A Car has achieved this level.

For those vying to make their mark in industry or any other niche, Assad emphasizes, “I want aspiring talent to understand the importance of resilience. for myself.”

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