Entrepreneur ace “Chai” MBA Chai Wala Rumored to Endorse Conker App Skills-Based App – The UBJ

The young “Chaipreneur” is believed to have backed the much-talked-about skill-based app based in Bangalore.

A few years ago, when people saw the rise of the world of technology and the entire digital space, few believed it. Indeed, some people never thought that companies and brands could take an all-digital approach in their business model. However, things are changing for the good and how in different industries around the world, and we are witnessing the rise of too many technology-based and digital-driven brands and companies, pushing forward the growth of their respective niches. Conker World Pvt Ltd is one such company that has done this and consistently grabbed headlines for its Conker app which has become a much talked about app in the industry.

Now we learn that the app is backed by none other than popular Indian entrepreneur “Chai” Prafull Billore aka MBA Chai Wala, an angel investor and businessman from Ahmedabad who has always sought out projects, brands and businesses that serve a greater purpose. This time we learn it’s all for Bangalore-based Conker App. It is a skill-based application that has performed extremely well in the education sector and provides students with the best training and ed-tech platform, where they can “improve their skills and become more knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

Under the leadership of Co-Founder and CEO Arvind Arora of Conker App, Conker World Pvt Ltd has worked with dedication for India’s Skill India initiative, which aims to empower young people. According to the sources, MBA Chai Wala backs this company with a huge investment, and speculations say it is around 1 to 2 crore.

Prafull aka MBA Chai Wala (@Prafull_mbachai) wants to be the face of Skill India and hence chose to back and support Conker App.

Kudos to the Conker team (https://www.conkerworld.com/) and Arvind Arora (@ArorajArvind).