Distinctions for entrepreneur, philanthropist par excellence

Dr. Charles Mba is the Managing Director and Managing Director of CDV Group, one of the leading real estate companies in Nigeria. Through his favorite project, the Charley Mba Foundation, he regularly offers full scholarship opportunities to needy students. Beyond that, he provided quality tarmac roads, electricity, jobs, and financial assistance to local merchants, nursing mothers, and less privileged people in his state and beyond. Chiamaka Ozulumba reports that he was recently honored for job creation, humanitarian services and charitable provisions

“Success in life is not for those who run fast, but for those who keep running and always on the move.” This is one of the creeds of the Managing Director and Managing Director of the CDV Group, Dr. Charles Mba.
For industry watchers and friends, it was no surprise the honor he recently received. Last week on Friday, Dr. Mba took center stage to win an additional honor at the Vanguard Newspapers Award following his notable and distinguished achievements in the private sector. CDV is one of the leading real estate companies in Nigeria.

Reacting to the honour, Chimezie Mba, the director of 34V Engineering, a company specializing in road construction, culverts, and more, said “there is no denying that the award given by the Vanguard newspaper to Dr Charles Mba is deserving as he has proven beyond a reasonable doubt his ability to always turn vision into reality.
“Dr. Charles Mba is a man that many people are looking for and he has never disappointed or disappointed them in their decision to see him or adopt him as a mentor. things he likes to do.
“He demonstrates the exact meaning of life by using his talent to serve the world and leaving a lasting impression while serving and maintaining a positive impact on causes that matter to the powerful.”
But beyond that, Mba has been consistent in helping the less privileged in society. One such example is how, through its pet project, the Charley Mba Foundation deliberately gave scholarships to indigent students from Udenu and Nsukka, both in Enugu State, primary to university level.
Indeed, Mba remains one of the leading benefactors of the Nsukka zone. He provided quality tarmac roads, electricity, jobs and financial aid to local merchants, nursing mothers and less privileged people in his state and beyond.
Over the years, he has mentored and trained many people who aspire to professional courses in engineering, pharmacy, medicine and nursing.
Dr Ndubuisi Charles Mba as he is affectionately called “Ihe Oma Chukwu mere n’Nsukka”. which means “the good that happened to the Nsukka people” did not appear from the moon. He worked hard for over ten years to get where he is today.
He started from scratch to become a very influential, successful and major player in real estate and constructions in Nigeria and beyond.
His passion for professional excellence and humanity has placed him in the good books of local and international organizations. Over the years, he had bagged several prestigious awards. The most recent is the “Investor of the Year Award” by The Sun Newspapers.
He also received the Honored Award for Outstanding Leadership Recognition and Inspirational Leadership in March 2020; West Africa Excellence Award by the Chartered Institute Of Public Resources Management & Politics, Ghana; The Nigerian Entrepreneurs Award of Excellence; The University of Nigeria Alumni Association, Lagos Branch Dignity of Man Award and Africa for Leadership Excellence Award as Real Estate Development Personality of the Year 2017.
These recognitions and many others not listed here came naturally as a result of Mba’s hard work who contributed immensely to the development of the company.

Continuing, Chimezie Mba noted that from job creation to humanitarian services, Dr Mba’s charitable dispositions have also not gone unnoticed as his name stands as one of the illustrious sons of the Orba community in the socio-economic sphere and a tireless pillar of scholarship for young people.
“Through his foundation, he made substantial contributions to the upliftment of his society. This feat made him eminently qualified as he was rightly awarded a prestigious title of Igbo -Egbe Igwe n’Orba chiefdom, in the community of Orba in Uduenu Local Government Area of ​​Enugu State,” he added.
Happily married and blessed with children, Dr. Mba with his quintessential and amazing personality has left his mark in the sands of time and continues to leave an indelible imprint in the history of national development.
Chimezie added that “his accomplishments were summarily built on a stubborn optimism – seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. His life became a model inspiration to us that we can only defeat our nightmares through the passionate pursuit of our dreams, and that there are possibilities in impossibilities.
“It is hoped that he will continue to usher in more grace to his glory as he continues to further manifest his destined greatness. For Enugu State, Nigeria and the whole world are still looking forward to his mega vision, his octopus mission and his unassailable journey of deliberate and selfless service to humanity during his lifetime.

An alumnus of Nigeria’s eminent University, Nsukka, where he was deemed worthy of character and learning, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in microbiology, many wonder how a microbiology graduate does wonders in the world of real estate. Because for those who know him, it is his passion, his commitment, his determination and his self-confidence that set him apart.
Mba sees opportunities where others see high risks and failures. In an atmosphere of difficulty, when others would have given up, he takes the risk and gets results. Hence, its foray into real estate and property development has brought quality competition to the real estate market and sparked an innovative approach to real estate marketing.
The Nigerian business world, especially the upside-down world of real estate, is full of huge huddles and pressures, but Mba, known as one who truly never takes the path of least resistance, remained steadfast , more than the ordinary human; not only did he join others in transforming the private sector in Nigeria, but he indeed became an example of excellence and sophistication worthy of emulation.
His company CDV Properties & Development Ltd continued to take an increasingly large share of the real estate and property development sector in Nigeria.
A member of several professional bodies (Chartered Institute Of Public Resources Management & Politics, Ghana (CIPRMP) and a member of Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN), he has shown courage in all ramifications.
In 2021, in recognition of his monumental achievements in high-level entrepreneurship and service to humanity, Mba was recognized and conferred with an honorary doctorate by the European American University of the Dominican Commonwealth at the University of Accra , in Ghana.
A marketer by nature and a visionary entrepreneur, he cut his teeth at Emzor Pharmaceutical Company in Lagos, where he served with dedication and acquired the necessary procedural and fundamental business skills.
He then joined Mitchell Engineering Limited as Site Manager. Subsequently, he was poached by Newsite Limited, a Lagos-based property and development company, where he worked as a senior project manager and garnered all industry exposure.
He is also a construction tycoon behind 34V Engineering Limited, which provides a full range of services from financing to project management and activities such as road building, tunneling and civil engineering.
His business is not limited to self-funded businesses in the real estate and construction industry as he is the Chairman of the Board of Jason Tender Care School Lagos and a few others with an interest in importing and manufacturing. hotels, as well as oil and gas.

“His achievements were summarily built on stubborn optimism – seeing the light at the end of the tunnel… through his foundation he made substantial contributions to the upliftment of his society”