Direct radio sales – more than sales

A typical conversation during the day from an Algoa FM sales consultant: “So, what do you do at Algoa FM? “I help local traders. ” “Really?”

In a world where everyone owns media, local direct advertisers have become much more selective and cautious in their advertising choices. They want to invest their money where they feel they are getting the best value possible.

That doesn’t mean they stop advertising. It just means that “we the media” need to become more innovative and take a different approach to how we sell.

“Approach each customer with the idea of ​​helping them solve a problem or achieve a goal, not to sell a product or service.” –Brian Tracy

By focusing on people, we are able to unlock real human value that goes beyond the sale.

We understand that our role is not just to sell. It’s more than that. We help our clients grow their businesses. The moment we expand beyond selling to becoming a trusted advisor, that’s when everyone starts to win.

One of the privileges of working in direct radio sales for Algoa FM is to sit around the table with successful local entrepreneurs, start-ups, family businesses and retailers.

We talk about business, growth, strategy, market and family, with people who have worked hard in their business and are fully invested in their own long-term success.

What a privileged place to be.

As trusted advisors, we need to be on top of our media game.

Understanding money, knowing the intricacies of the local market, and having good business connections are some of the key drivers of success for local direct selling executives.

There is no doubt in my mind that coming from a place of genuine interest and support benefits our customers, our consultants and the Algoa FM business. It is in all of our interests that the company does well.

The local business sector of our economy is vital to the regional economy, supporting jobs and attracting additional investment.

They look forward to all the support they can get as they navigate this Covid-19 pandemic.

The challenge for all Media Sales Consultants (not just the Algoa FM team) is to stand out and make a positive difference.