Develop a sustainable financial management method with the entrepreneur Rishabh Jain

Although cryptocurrency trading still seems skeptical to many, some people have made their fortune. Here is the story of a dreamer who does not sleep, Rishabh Jain, the founder and CEO of Shiftal. You might be wondering what is Shiftal?

Within 6 months, Rishabh made his first $ 300,000 with the help of Crypto Trading. Well, he lost some too, but this experience made him realize the potential of the crypto space. Shiftal is a P2P exchange and has its coin for Crypto trading. It is a regulated company registered in 3 countries in UK, India and Estonia. Hopefully, it will become one of the best crypto exchanges in the years to come. At Shiftal, more than 60 employees are dedicated to taking this business to new heights. You can check the official Shiftal website here:

Exclusive features that set Shiftal apart

India is a huge country with huge potential, and Crypto is a diverse but small industry. Therefore, even considering the market share, individuals still have a space for themselves. Shiftal follows a very customer-centric approach. Recently, Shiftal Exchange has been upgraded with amazing features such as private sales of Shiftal Coin are underway and will be released to the public by the end of the first quarter to the middle of the second quarter based on many factors including regulations to come. They are also all ready to launch their application. The app would be launched during the BETA phase, so we have more opportunities to upgrade and finally roll out the full app in early 2022. This would give exclusive information and users would see a lot of activity on their Instagram account. When the recent news of Ban surfaced in India, Shiftal saw a lot of people turn to their website because it is a P2P exchange. In addition, since they use the TRON blockchain, processing and transactions are fast and economical.

Obstacles encountered on the way

The idea was to launch one of India’s top 10 cryptocurrency companies. However, the trip was not a cakewalk. Initially, very few resources, courses and study materials were available. It was all trial and error and testing that helped Rishabh figure it out. The obstacles were similar to those most entrepreneurs in India faced.

To be taken seriously

First, being taken seriously was and always has been a major challenge. Even when Shiftal launched, we never wanted to engage with investors at the creation stage because we wanted to make sure we were building something respectable and not taken lightly or controlled by an outsider.

Minimum understanding among people

Also, the basic understanding of how Crypto Exchange works or how the transaction or valuation works is still new. There are industry experts who have an opinion based on tweets, rumors and hence it shows a lack of understanding. Rishabh said, “Do I consider myself to be an expert? No, but I burned my hands and pockets and lost my PlayStation in the case so I’m experienced, and I breathed, talked and slept with Crypto in my mind for the past decade. ” Shiftal works strategically to resolve the obstacles encountered. We have a ‘let’s call it a policy upgrade, because every delay is a blessing in disguise’ mentality.

Lack of investments

Even thinking about starting something this big with minimal investment was a challenge in itself. Additionally, governments around the world have legal regulations that require large ads to obtain the appropriate licenses.
Competitors who had too much cash could finance marketing; meanwhile, Shiftal lacked such funds. In such a scenario, having a top influencer on board was a challenge (with the help of which the business grew by over 3000%). However, increasing the company’s valuation from 1cr to 30cr all organically over two years has been a huge success. It was purely based on talent and intelligence!

Lack of proper configuration

Another major struggle was to run a business and single-handedly manage over 40 employees without an office. The company went bankrupt repeatedly. As a result, I had to sell personal stuff to fund the business. Rishabh Jain was from an officer family and he didn’t know the A, B, C of business at first. From that phase to making this business a success and making a name for itself in the industry, Rishabh has seen it all with Shiftal.

A lesson for new entrepreneurs

With all the inclinations, failures and successes, Rishabh Jain is in the right place to guide entrepreneurs who are just starting out. He says, “Never doubt yourself, never listen to someone with a shortsighted approach, and never believe what the reels on Instagram are telling you. the reality is they would have to wait 11 years for that to happen. “In other words, if you have a dream, and you convert it into a vision, and you are realistic, then it will be easier to make it come true. .
Also, he added that there is nothing momentary in life. We cannot start a business in 10 days. It is not cheap, and most important of all, to have a good financial advisor in place and a source of income because businesses take time and profitable business takes even more. Therefore, be consistent, introduce yourself, that’s it.

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