Deep South Businesses Prepare to Launch New News and Information Portal Focused on Main Street Entrepreneurs

Troy Dooly – The CEO of Beachside

Troy Dooly – Beachside CEO Refocuses Deep South Businesses to Deliver News and Information to Main Street Businesses with the Launch of

I’m proud of the shift we’re making to get back to basics by serving main street entrepreneurs by giving them what they’ve been asking for!”

— Troy Dooly – CEO of Beachside

DESTIN, FLORIDA, USA, March 4, 2022 / — Deep South Companies Inc, launched their first news and information website in 2005. At that time, they focused on the industry direct selling and the website has become the premier information, education and training website for the network marketing community.

In 2008 the company launched a new brand for its founder, Troy Dooly – CEO of Beachside, and very quickly the brand grew through audio and video content. Today, some of the oldest podcast episodes, as well as YouTube videos, still receive tens of thousands of downloads on a yearly basis.

“I have been focused on changing the direction of the business since the start of 2020 when it became clear that due to Covid more and more people would turn to home-based or freelance careers, because we say the statistics prove that the whole world wanted more control over their time, their energy and their financial future,” Dooly says.

Even before the Covid pandemic hit, we saw statistics showing that more than 5% of workers had already moved to permanent careers from home, and by adding remote workers, the statistics increased to 2/3 of the working class in America alone. This is from Vox’s Recode article, by Rani Molle, October. 9th, 2019. In another article on, December 2020, Caroline Castrillon, shared that people working from home will double in 2021.

Deep South, continued to study statistics from top social media sites, as well as content marketing authorities. As the information continued to pour in, the company made the decision to focus on its origins: providing valuable content as a media and publishing house.

Joe Pulizzi, known as the godfather of content marketing and founder of The Tilt, has just published the study “2021 Content Entrepreneur Benchmark Research”. This study of more than 1400 participants shows the need and desire for fresh and reliable information. “You can’t listen to a podcast, read an article, or scroll through a Twitter feed without seeing something about the creator economy. It’s everywhere in business and marketing,” writes Joe Pulizzi. will be the first of several niche-focused news and information portals that will serve the up-and-coming Main Street entrepreneur, whether it’s a work-from-home job, a side gig,… a freelancer or someone who just threw a brick. and mortar trade.

Deep South Companies Inc., is a global creative media house, focused on consulting services and content creation. We live by our core values ​​and the ethics in which we embarked. We believe our #1 goal is to help those we serve achieve theirs! In a nutshell, we believe in being honest and cool, pretending we’re something we’re not! We also love hanging out at Disney World and playing at the beach! By the way, we don’t really have a website, so you can check out Troy’s site.

Troy Bio: Troy Dooly is recognized internationally as an influential voice in the business community by critics and promoters. It focuses primarily on purpose-driven communication, leadership impact, influencing community behaviors, and corporate compliance strategies.

Dooly is a founding member and former board member of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals, Social Networking Association, former radio show host and news director on the Home Business Radio Network, faculty member of DS Edge Educational Conferences , and was named to the Direct Sales Hall Of Fame by his peers. He is the father of nine children and married to his high school girlfriend and bestselling author, Paige Dooly.

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