Dee Agarwal on maintaining work-life balance as an entrepreneur

Seasoned entrepreneur and business leader, Deepak “Dee” Agarwal, talks about the importance of work-life balance and how to find a comfortable work-life balance as an entrepreneur.

ATLANTA, Georgia – MAY 12, 2022 – Being an entrepreneur is exciting, rewarding and admirable. You started from scratch and now run your own show. You improvise, strategize and solve problems. You’re also always on, always available, always connected. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, your business is the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing you think about when (if) you fall asleep. Your business is, after all, your livelihood, your baby. Ensuring its success is a huge and very consuming responsibility.

And that can be a problem. Why? Because everyone, even entrepreneurs, needs some kind of work-life balance. Too much work leads to too much stress. No one can leave, leave, leave forever.

Yet finding a work-life balance is often a challenge for entrepreneurs. Typical suggestions such as taking breaks throughout the day or enjoying a long lunch are often unrealistic. The demands of running your business are always tugging at you. There is always one more thing to do, one more problem to solve, one more call to make. And suddenly it’s 10:00 p.m. and it’s time to go home, sleep for a while, get up and start all over again.

So how do you, as an entrepreneur, achieve this important work-life balance? For first-hand insight into how an entrepreneur can find a work-life balance that fits their lifestyle, we spoke with Deepak “Dee” Agarwalseasoned entrepreneur and e-commerce industry leader, widely known for founding, a top destination for online shoppers. Apart from being a businessman, Deepak Agarwal is a notable husband, father of two and philanthropist.

“It seems elusive, not something you can apply to your busy life. Yet, it can be done if you understand that achieving work-life balance doesn’t mean eight hours on the job, eight hours sleep, and eight hours of time at home each day. It will just never work,” explained Deepak. “Instead, it means setting boundaries and finding harmony.” The question remains, what boundaries can help you achieve this harmony? We asked Deepak Agarwal to share his top tips for helping other entrepreneurs set boundaries and achieve successful work-life integration.

  • Be 100% present when you are at home. Focus on the people you are with and the activities you are doing. As difficult as it is, turn off your phone, at least for a while.

  • Don’t worry about a 50/50 time split. You don’t have to divide your time at work and your time at home evenly. Do your best and give yourself permission to not always do things right.

  • Eat well, exercise and get enough sleep. It’s age-old advice, but it’s important.

  • Give yourself permission to fail. It’s normal to make mistakes from time to time. Everyone does it, even entrepreneurs.

  • Delegate the little things. Leave the little things to your staff or outsource them so you can focus on the big things.

  • Take a vacation. You will come back recharged and more productive.

  • Establish a routine and stick to it no matter what. This will help you create and maintain positive daily habits.

To further complicate matters when it comes to striking a balance, the pandemic has led to an increase in remote working, which has further increased the pressures on entrepreneurs.

Asked about the impact of the pandemic on his approach to finding balance, Deepak Agarwal shared, “It becomes even harder to find balance without having separate spaces in your life when you’re working from home or managing employees via video link. Work and life can become a big blur if you don’t “Don’t set clear boundaries. When working from home, those boundaries need to be even more concrete.”

By Deepak Agarwal Here are some tips for maintaining work-life balance when working remotely:

  • Set specific working hours and stick to them

  • Set up a specific workspace in your home, preferably with a door that you can close behind you when the job is done.

  • Dress everyday as you would if you were going to the office

It’s entirely possible for entrepreneurs to strike a work-life balance, even amid the pandemic and the transition to remote working. Setting boundaries at home and at work is crucial to achieving a harmonious work-life balance. Finding this balance will not only benefit your personal life, making you feel better and improving your relationships, but can also be a key element in elevating your business success.

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