CBI arrests 4 of its officers for ‘extorting’ contractor

CBI convicted the four sub-inspectors, Sumit Gupta, Pradeep Rana, Ankur Kumar and Akash Ahlawat, of corruption.
Sources said Gupta, assigned to the anti-corruption branch in Delhi, was already suspended.

“As part of its policy of zero tolerance towards corruption and other offences, not only towards those outside but towards its own officials, CBI, upon receipt of the complaint, immediately registered a file, identified his three other officials who would be involved in the case. and made their arrests. Taking serious note of this act on the part of these delinquent officials, all four have been removed from their posts,” a CBI spokesperson said.

Sources said Chandigarh police caught the four people late on Tuesday evening after receiving a call from the control room. After realizing they were CBI officials, the police handed them over to the CBI branch in Chandigarh.

All four were stationed in Delhi. The agency also carried out searches of its premises. “The incriminating documents recovered during the searches are being examined,” a CBI spokesperson said.

On Tuesday evening, the four CBI staff members along with two civilians broke into the office of Abhishek Dogra, a resident of Ludhiana who runs the IT company Ocean Global Solutions in Chandigarh, officials said. They told him that they had received an Interpol notice against him for supporting terrorist activities in India.

In his complaint to the CBI, Abhishek Dogra said, “I was repeatedly slapped by two CBI officers who were in civilian clothes. They threatened to implicate me in a terrorism case. They demanded 1 crore rupees from me, then forced me into my car and started negotiating with me. There were a total of six people. Four of them presented themselves as members of the CBI. Afterwards they told me to arrange Rs 25 lakh through my brother saying he can come to Ambala. I didn’t call my brother. After a while, they ordered me to change the direction of my car.

Dogra added in the statement: “When we arrived near gate number 3 of the police lines, sector 26, one of the tires of my car was punctured. Finding an opportunity, I called my business partner Sunny Verma and shared my current position with her. Soon he and some employees of our company reached the location. A fight broke out there. I, along with my partner and colleagues, ran from the spot.

A senior police officer told the Indian Express: ‘Police control room received a call at around 2.30am on Wednesday about a fight between two parties near Gate No 3 of the lines of Sector 26 police. By the time a police team reached the location, one of the parties had left the scene. Four men found at the scene refused to reveal their identities. After much persuasion, they revealed that were from CBI, Delhi.

In the meantime, this officer said, members of the other group, from a computer company, also arrived at the Sector 26 police station, accusing the four of extortion.

“As the matter involved CBI personnel, we notified CBI Area 30 Headquarters. The four men were also handed over to them. A CBI team from area headquarters captured CCTV footage from the area near the Sector 26 police lines,” the officer said.