Actor-director Andy Serkis is set to direct “Madame!”, a series based on Marie Tussaud, the French artist and entrepreneur who founded the famed Madame Tussauds wax museum. Serkis, known for his CGI-powered roles such as Gollum in the “Lord of the Rings” films and Caesar in the “Planet of theRead More →

Faith and a second chance were exactly what Claudine Campbell-Bryan needed to restore hope of becoming a successful entrepreneur. After a few failed attempts at entrepreneurship, the mother-of-two received her confirmation of a second chance after visiting a church service one evening and was handpicked into the congregation. The speakerRead More →

Partner content oi-Oneindia Staff | Posted: Monday August 1st, 2022, 10:57 AM [IST] American business tycoon Steve Jobs once said, “I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones is sheer persistence.” Entrepreneurship is not just about turning an innovative idea into a scalable business. ThisRead More →

* Carter Bonas recently made headlines for earning a full scholarship to Florida Memorial University. The 11-year-old golfer and entrepreneur, according to Fox 4, received the scholarship during the HBCU Golf Classic held at the Ritz Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Florida. The event is an effort by the volunteerRead More →

David Harris-Burland, founder of Vivida Julian Hierro For many of the world’s most iconic brands, it’s the popularity of their products that generates a following and creates a strong sense of community around the brand. Think Nike and Apple. When entrepreneur David Harris-Burland launched his eco-responsible activewear and accessories companyRead More →

Charlie Oneill is an inspirational entrepreneur who founded ‘Only Managers – an online modeling agency that manages models’ social networks. He enjoys traveling and golfing and believes in enjoying life to the fullest. Fashion models are the iconic beauty symbols of the modern age; they teach us what to wearRead More →

As part of the acquisition, the CoinAfrique team will join Autochek and support the mission to make car ownership more accessible and affordable across the continent. The recent acquisition of Moroccan KIFAL Auto will also position Autocheck to double down on its French-speaking approach to replicate the successes achieved inRead More →

A 100% Sri Lankan clothing brand competing with several global companies on e-commerce platforms is appealing to the Sri Lankan expatriate community to help increase the company’s international sales volume and bring much-needed foreign currency to Sri Lanka at this crucial time for the country. Ranil Willadarage, CEO and FounderRead More →

Spokenote, the Fishers-based startup run by serial entrepreneur John Wechsler, offers a high-tech update to the humble handwritten note. The company, which has its official public launch today, offers QR codes that users can scan with their cellphones, allowing them to easily record video messages that they can then shareRead More →

New York, NY, USA – 06/17/2022 – Robert Steele, former NFL wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings. Robert is a published author, keynote speaker, philanthropist and accomplished networker. His passion is sales, helping healthcare IT companies determine the sales strategy for their business and products. After growingRead More →

It was 2016, and as she scrolled through pictures of her college friends or her twin sister enjoying her free time at the University of Liverpool, her situation seemed to be getting more and more difficult. “I never really found my kind of people in Leeds,” says Georgia, from BarnoldswickRead More →

Chris Harding Chip Dumstorf Christopher Harding has several labels to his credit: entrepreneur, investor, pro-sports owner, hotelier, philanthropist and art collector, among others. In 2018, the Louisville native moved to Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico, and found he could fulfill all of his passions – investing, art, and most importantly, fosteringRead More →

In August 2021, social entrepreneur Lakshmi Menon decided to embark on a road trip from Kochi to Kasargod (265 km) to raise awareness about conscious and responsible consumption, in light of the closure of many small businesses during the pandemic. “There have been so many cases of people killing themselvesRead More →

“I am thrilled to join the Rowdy Energy team as Power Burn’s Wellness Director,” said Kostek. “I like to align myself with brands that I believe in and that fit naturally into my life – which is why Rowdy’s new line, Power Burn, was a perfect fit. Health and well-beingRead More →

Navid Mirzaaghazadeh has led an Apple Iran Developers Conference for three consecutive years. Entrepreneur Navid Mirzaaghazadeh, from a very young age (16 years old), organized an Apple Iran Developers Conference for three consecutive years. He has experience in iOS, Android programming and artificial intelligence development. Navid Mirzaaghazadeh is a 24-year-oldRead More →

Nest Mode is a company that uses the latest and greatest technology to simplify shower storage. We believe that current shower storage options are simply outdated, inefficient, unsightly and in many cases unsustainable. » —Julian Sarafian, CEO of Nest Mode LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 19, 2022 / — ShowerRead More →

WICHITA, Kan., May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fitness Machine Technicians, specialists in servicing and repairing exercise equipment for commercial and residential customers, has begun offering service in the area of Wichita. Monte McKee, a longtime Wichita-area resident, will own and operate the business alongside Troy Shaver, the general manager.Read More →

Entrepreneur Navid Mirzaaghazadeh trades and develops products for financial markets. Navid Mirzaaghazadeh is an entrepreneur, trader and developer for financial markets. He is from Tabriz, East Azerbaijan in Iran. His skill levels include Project Management, Software Development, Business Development, Web Development, Programming, Startups, iOS Development, Social Media Marketing, HTML, SQL,Read More →

American Pizza Manufacturing is located at 7402 La Jolla Blvd in La Jolla, California.and its website is The lawsuit alleges that the take-n-bake pizzeria and its owner, Melone, violated Mr. Thakore’s civil and First Amendment rights, as well as defaming his business, Doctor Multimedia. The complaint alleges allegations ofRead More →

Digital marketing is the business need of the 21st century. It is almost impossible for businesses to survive without an effective digital marketing strategy and business planning. The Covid 19 pandemic is making business survival worse. If you want to survive your business and increase your sales, you have toRead More →

Before the rise of startups and entrepreneurs in India, there were only people running businesses. Bhardwaj Rhythm Vats is one such businesswoman from a family of entrepreneurs in Delhi. Shortly after getting married, Rhythm and her husband started Riyadh Pharmaceuticals in 2017. It operates as a third-party manufacturing company andRead More →

After the birth of her second daughter, Sakshi Aggarwal decided to take a sabbatical. A successful finance professional having worked at Citibank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, IndusInd Bank and ICICI Securities, entrepreneurship was not a planned decision. However, an entrepreneurial idea sprouted for Sakshi during the pandemic. She began Gharobaara #MakeinIndiaRead More →

MSME Success Stories: The ongoing gradual shift towards healthy or organic eating has also given way to a healthier alternative to arguably the most popular snack in the world – chocolates. Dark chocolates, which are considered rich in minerals and a powerful source of antioxidants, continue to be accepted byRead More →

Call on an expert when it comes to eradicating chronic pain and synchronizing your mind and body for more movement, productivity and to cultivate the mindset of a champion. Jennifer O’Connor, CEO of Elan Power™is already known among the inner circle of New York’s top performers as the go toRead More →

American Cannabis Partners (“ACP”), a sustainable Jamaican innovator in the canna experience, today announced the appointment of TJ Dillashaw as Chief Marketing Officer and member of the company’s Advisory Board. Dillashaw’s experience includes being a successful franchisee and area developer for a rapidly growing certified organic juice bar business, asRead More →

H&R Training Professionals is a charity established in October 2008 that transforms the lives of vulnerable residents in communities who face multiple/complex disadvantages largely due to poverty, lack of motivation and social isolation. Margaret Thorli, author, entrepreneur and coach, shares her incredible journey of rising to the heights of successRead More →

Hall brings over 20 years of management experience to LeanLife, having previously raised significant seed funding and provided working capital to develop large-scale projects. LeanLife Health (CSE:LLP) Inc has named veteran entrepreneur Robert Hall as a strategic board member to add to the team, bringing Mike Tyson-endorsed Iron energy drinksRead More →

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, March 25, 2022 / — Ashley Black, a cutting-edge, influencer-driven health and beauty brand on a mission to transform the lives of its customers, announces the launch of a fundraiser on Wefunder, a leader among the new generation of financing sites that is shaking up theRead More →

Growing Together Exponentially Ltd (GTeX), a London, UK-based company co-founded by award-winning Simone Vincenzi, wants everyone to know it’s in the business of growing businesses with the power of the community. This power of community is used to get more customers. It is important to note that GTeX turns expertsRead More →

Education is the key to success; it is an idea challenged by many Mavericks throughout history. American billionaire, businessman, pilot and commercial astronaut Jared Isaacman is living proof of this. The high school dropout never lived by the standards and believed in charting his own course. Jared’s ambitious nature showedRead More →

Belfast entrepreneur James Blake Each Virgin Startup-funded venture is matched with a relevant expert mentor for six months of ongoing mentorship support. James (28) is a successful investor who owns and operates several six-figure businesses. His company, Lisburn-based Vindicta Digital Marketing Agency, is a full-service digital agency that aspires toRead More →