Cannabis entrepreneur and rapper Berner launches his brand of ‘cookies’ in the Thai marijuana market

FoolAmerican rapper and founder/CEO of Cookies and Vibes Papers, announcement this his cannabis brand will open a store in Thailand next August, calling it a “big step into the global market”. as Green Entrepreneur first reported.

“I wonder if someone from different parts of Asia will be flying in?” Berner posted on Instagram. “We have been working on this for almost 2 years. Jhe first store in Asia, pretty wild,” he wrote.

Las Vegas-based Audacious AUSA AUSAF in partnership with Health Golden Trianglea Thailand-based food manufacturer to create private label products. Jhey is also an exclusive distribution partner of Cookies in Asia.

Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr.better known as Berner, began his cannabis career as an identity checker at a Bay Area dispensary at the age of 18 and “went on to create one of the lifestyle brands of the most famous cannabis in the country”.

“From the early days in a San Francisco garage to global growth, our focus has remained the same: authenticity and innovative genetics. Our control of the entire experience, from start to finish, from seed for sale, sets us apart”, expressed Berner. “We pride ourselves on our in-house cultivation, global varieties, and full line of strain-specific products.”

Cookies was named one of America’s most popular brands of 2021 by AdAge; the first cannabis brand to receive this accolade,” the Cookies website reads. In addition to Cookies, Berner also founded or co-founded 1212 Ventures, Lemonnade, Cookies SF, Weedmaps, Vibes, Santa Cruz Shredders, Hemp2o Water, music label Bern One Entertainment and Social Club.

Thai marijuana market cookies

The Berner brand was introduced to the Thai cannabis market after the Southeast Asian country legalized medical cannabis in 2018, also becoming the first in Asia to decriminalize cannabis use among adults in June 2022. Now Thai residents are allowed to grow marijuana for personal purposes. The government even distributed 1 million cannabis plants to residents to grow themselves.

Thailand’s Growing Cannabis Market for many young entrepreneurs also enhance the potential to generate tourism revenue. Some estimate that Thailand has the potential to generate $10 billion in its first three years.

Berner continues to build his cannabis empire

Recently, Greenlane Holdings, Inc. LNGN sold its stake in VIBES Holdings LLC, one of Berner’s brands, for $5.3 million in cash.

“We are very pleased to complete this strategic transition. As a brand builder, we believe that VIBES is only scratching the surface and its future trajectory is extremely compelling,” said Berner as founder and CEO of VIBES. “We appreciate all that Greenlane has done as a partner to bring VIBES to this level, and we look forward to leveraging their distribution expertise and extensive customer network in the future as we continue to make VIBES a staple on shelves around the world..”

Additionally, Berner attended the Miami Benzinga Capital Cannabis Conference last April where he expressed “I love being a part of cool things and I’m honored to be included in this conference. Cannabis sets the stage for psychedelics and I’m excited to talk about two important topics that I’m very passionate about.

Image by El Planteo