Asian American entrepreneur behind celebrity and athlete brands is now raising $7 million in Series A

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 21, 2022 / — Nate Llorando saw entrepreneurship as a way out of poverty. Today, the Filipino-American entrepreneur coaches professional athletes, influencers and Hollywood celebrities on how to start and run their own businesses and brands.

One of four brothers growing up in Northern California in a modest home and converted garage, Nate witnessed his parents’ hardships while acknowledging the opportunities. Her immediate family of six lived downstairs while her mother’s cousins ​​lived upstairs. The house was so compact that in order for his parents to use the bathroom, they had to pass through the children’s room where Nate shared with his three brothers.

Fast forward to 2019, Nate founded Bucklea high profile merchandise marketplace platform for Hollywood celebrities such as Dave Chappelle and Shaunie O’Neal, and professional athletes such as Kyle Kuzma and Manny Pacquiao.

Nate and his company offer a turnkey solution to help celebrities, digital influencers, and athletes jump-start their merchandise to grow their branding businesses.

“I witnessed my parents’ struggle and saw my friends’ desire for a better life,” says CEO Nate Llorando. “I then witnessed successful athlete friends wanting to launch their own brand but not knowing where or how to start. It’s rewarding to be able to lend a hand and share my knowledge and resources. They win, I win. It’s so easy.”

Looptify has not only endured the pandemic, it is growing despite it. Nate’s partnership with Dave Chappelle has sold nearly one million units of signature Chappelle masks.

Even though Lootify had to shut down for four months at the start of the pandemic, they came back stronger than ever, growing from 4 employees to 41 over the past two years.

The direct-to-fan market tripled 2020 celebrity merchandise sales in 2021, from $1,600,000 to $4,900,000.

Additionally, Looptify recently partnered with celebrity young athletes Shareef and Me’arah O’Neal to expand into college and high school sportswear.

In this post-pandemic era, digital and mobile media have become increasingly sought after by consumers. Mobile app developers have found ways to bring online shoppers closer to the high-profile brands and personalities they love.

Announced today, Looptify, the mobile marketplace designed to bring the wares of celebrities and influencers directly to their followers, is raising $7,000,000 in Series A. Los Angeles quickly raised funds once in 2019.

“I was very impressed with Nate’s deep ties to entertainment’s most influential influencers and his passion for creating exclusive fan experiences,” says Lu Zhang, Founder and Managing Partner of Fusion Fund and Forbes 30. under 30. “Given Looptify’s strong traction, we were thrilled to partner with Nate early on and look forward to supporting the company as it grows into millions of users.

In addition to focusing on business development, Nate sprang into action when he realized personal protective equipment was lacking in Los Angeles County. He used the resources and relationships he had with manufacturers and distributors and bought $60,000 worth of PPE and donated it to several organizations, including the Monterey Park Police Department, the San Gabriel Valley, Palmdale and the Regional Medical Center.

About Looptify

Looptify is a top marketplace platform for notable celebrities, influencers, pro athletes, and more. Looptify offers a turnkey solution for celebrities and influencers to create and sell merchandise to their loyal fans. Their current high profile partners include Dave Chappelle, Manny Pacquiao, Shaunie O’Neal and Kyle Kuzma. Well-known backers of Looptify included Silicon Valley’s Fusion Fund and Shima Capital. Through the Looptify app, fans can access the latest brands from the app’s premier partners. Recent interactive features include celebrity shoutouts and direct messages with fans. Looptify’s ecosystem helps celebrities, influencers, athletes and other high-profile people launch their brand. The mobile application, available HERE.

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