A mistaken call led this California entrepreneur to make $200,000 in sales on Curl Bible

Curl Bible is using sharp social media content to change the game for beauty entrepreneurs selling products through its platform, and TRU Balance Hair Care is the latest brand to find success.

A bad number at online beauty retailer Curl Bible gave Tracy Brown the opportunity she needed to take her hair care brand to new heights. Brown has partnered with Curl Bible to promote and sell TRU Balance Hair Care, generating $200,000 in gross sales.

Curl Bible hosts emerging beauty businesses on its e-commerce platform and partners with them to grow brands, increase sales and increase revenue. Its founder, Dana Chanel, uses a unique and creative social media strategy to develop consistent, high-quality content for her vendors.

The global hair and scalp care industry market is expected to reach $102 billion by 2024. Thousands of new brands are launched in the retail and direct-to-consumer markets every year, so it is essential find a way to stand out. Curl Bible emerged as a way for smaller lines like Brown to break into the industry.

About TRU Balance Hair Care

Brown is a board-certified trichologist who specializes in treating hair and scalp conditions such as hair loss, hair breakage, oily scalp, and scalp psoriasis. She and her business partner Keinya Beasley, an international educator, founded TRU Balance Hair Care to develop a line of hair and scalp products that help women manage, maintain and care for their hair. Their products are made from all-natural ingredients and focus on healthy hair and scalp.

With 45 years of combined experience in the hair care industry, Brown and Beasley opened a salon in California. Customers were constantly seeking their advice on hair issues, so they launched a line of products that could genuinely help people. TRU Balance Hair Care had a fervent following when Brown answered Curl Bible’s mistaken call, and she jumped at the chance to take her business to the next level.

Curl Bible Helps New Businesses Soar

Through Curl Bible, Chanel is transforming the way small business owners build their brands and prepare for major brick-and-mortar retailers. The e-commerce site stocks its digital shelves with unique but often unknown products and uses creative social media content to build a national and even global following.

Curl Bible accepts up to 20 new brands per year through its application process and prioritizes brands that target women. It looks for legitimate companies with an established brand, proof of sale and insurance, at least one year of data and analytics, and a reliable supply chain.


Curl Bible helps emerging brands like TRU Balance Hair Care achieve hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales through its creative social media strategy.

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