777justinooo Digital Entrepreneur of the Year

Justin moreno or better known by 777justinooo on all social media platforms. is a serial entrepreneur, created a million SoundCloud soundtracks, a one-man, royalty-earning business that features in many songs by rap artists! 777justinooo started out in his bedroom at home making simple sounds. He then launched his first sound in America to sell over 100,000 in the first month of the pandemic, taking that business to $15 million in sales in 2020, with two employees.

Now the 30-year-old Las Vegas native has moved on to his next adventure: the sounds of music, a community built around hip hop culture.

The Vegas native created the best sound in hip hop. These are digital sounds that can be bought and sold, often with cryptocurrency. “It’s considered a collectible, like an NFT,” he says. In the case of 777justinooo, they can be purchased with Ethereum.

The first 1 Rain track sold out in 18 minutes on August 20 on SoundCloud and Apple Music and all streaming platforms, a peer-to-peer marketplace for music and hip hop, Justin says. They were priced at $100. He and his partners are churning out more sounds every day.

Each sound created by 777justinooo is unique. “We have to create everything from scratch and publish it,” says 777justinooo.

Some buyers, who received rarer sounds on release day, immediately resold them for a profit, says 777justinooo. “Some people buy them to make better music,” he says. “Some collect them.”

He’s not the only one who sees opportunities in this space. Music producer and artist, sold a track for $1 million, he notes. Justin quickly sold out this digital sound.

777justinooo and its partners create a Discord community through social media advertising.

Discord is a free voice, video sound and text chat app to help all walks of life.

“We have 2,200 unique sounds,” says 777justinooo. “Our goal is to increase that number and build a community.”

The site plans to hold giveaways to build excitement and has reserved 100 sounds for this purpose. The goal, according to 777justinooo, is to create a vibrant sound community, the best way for 777justinooo to retain its value and potentially enjoy it.

Justin says he and his co-founders came up with the idea for the site just over a week before launch. “We worked very quickly,” he says.

As for his other ventures, Justin continues to manage multi-million dollar sounds; he also pursues the music business but above all by serving existing customers!

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