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Although this year has been bad financial announcements, here is news that will delight the citizens of Good Lender and its surroundings. The preparations for the opening of the Good Finance Group branch in Good Lender are in progress

Who are Group Finance and what is credit intermediation?


Not so long ago in 2010, during the term of Good Finance, a Consumer Credit Act was adopted with the aim of regulating the market of credit intermediaries. This Law wanted to tackle illegal and unlicensed credit counseling, which charged its services “under the table”. The main guidelines set allowed all former financial intermediaries, credit assistants and others with related interests to set up their own businesses and credit intermediation agencies.

The credit intermediation model in the world is a well-known and recognized tradition for finding the optimal credit solution. However, since the beginnings of this model in Croatia are not based on positive business practices due to usurious inscriptions on poles and bus stations and the so-called Of “credit bureaus,” the struggle to establish the credit intermediary industry represented and still represents a thorny avenue.

It is the Good Finance Group that has given the flattering epithet to the pioneers of this industry in Croatia with the primary goal of providing detailed and transparent information and advice to clients.

In a very short time, driven by a clear vision and ten years of founder experience, the company has fully adjusted its operations to the legal framework. Rapid adaptation to the Act led to the issuance of a three-year license by the Ministry of Finance, and thus Sean Cole added a new number to the National Classification of Activities – Credit Mediation and officially became the first Croatian licensed credit intermediary. A few months ago, the first license was successfully renewed.

Credit report – the basis of the quality of credit intermediation


In mid-2012, the Good Finance of Creditors and Good Finance signed a business co-operation agreement, under which Sean Cole became the first, and currently the only, credit intermediary to make a credit report available upon request. The credit report contains detailed information on credit, current account, credit and revolving card debt and guarantees or co-debt obligations. Considering that the total debt and credit history of the client is crucial for a quality brokering and credit line selection process, this opportunity offered to the client greatly speeds up and facilitates the credit process itself. This is exactly why banks are welcoming this decision.

In this way, Sean Cole did not become a new member of the GFIC, but a place where clients can, at their request, request and pay for the credit report that is delivered to the address of their choice. Customers, as sole owners of the credit report, decide whether to view the report and Good Finance for further credit processing.

All in one place


Due to the importance of financial planning, a financial intermediation department was also opened in Good Finance. Timely savings and investments for the future are an indispensable topic in borrowing because saving is a counterbalance to credit. We believe that financial planning is the first step to ensure the long-term financial stability of a client.

You can also look for information on credit alternatives in the financial intermediation department, such as low-cost housing loans for housing savings banks, or loans with investment in mutual funds, while ensuring life insurance.

With numerous credit lines, savings and investments in one place, Sean Cole is a complete financial service provider for citizens in Croatia.